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CCV Selects S2 Systems' OpeN/2® To Drive EMEA Expansion

    DALLAS and MAYNARD, MA (ots) -

    Netherlands-Based Processor Deploys OpeN/2® On Intel®-Based Stratus® ftServer® System

    S2 Systems, Inc., a global provider of transaction processing, authorization and integrated solutions for the banking, financial, retail, and telecommunications sectors, today announced the Computercentrum C. van de Velden Group (CCV) has selected S2's OpeN/2® platform to drive its business expansion throughout Europe. OpeN/2 is being deployed on Stratus® Technologies' Intel-based ftServer® fault-tolerant system in a Windows 2000 environment. CCV is an international operating company that specializes in electronic payments and is a leading processor of authorization and payment-based transactions from POS and fuel pump terminals throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

    CCV is now processing more than 100 million online authorization transactions annually in The Netherlands and Europe from POS, ATMs, gas station pumps and other customer touch points. The processing company chose S2 Systems' OpeN/2 on the Stratus ftServer for its expansion because of its proven capability of scaling out in an open systems environment to reliably handle increasingly large peak transaction volumes. OpeN/2 is the industry's only true open architecture payment solution and validated as future-proof with an unmatched laboratory benchmark of 5000+ EFT transactions per second (tps), a metric higher than that publicized by S2's largest competitor by a factor of 10 to 1.

    "S2 Systems' OpeN/2 is now the single most relevant platform on every major continent for large-scale processing of authorization and payment-based transactions due to its superior price/performance value, speed-to-market and return on investment (ROI)," said Stephen Clark, president and CEO of S2 Systems. "Major processors such as CCV require 99.999% availability, limitless scalability and future-proof performance capabilities where online transaction volumes continue to grow larger. Our value proposition is that OpeN/2 meets these requirements more affordably and we have a growing roster of large-scale production sites worldwide to prove it. We are very pleased to have CCV as a long-standing S2 customer and look forward to working with them to meet their expansion goals."

    Increased demand for electronic micropayments and mobile payments in The Netherlands and elsewhere is driving organizations to adopt S2 Systems' best-of-breed OpeN/2 enterprise payment solution. CCV routes transactions for ATM, payphone, mobile top-up for prepaid subscriptions, and debit/credit cards that include Visa®, Diner's Club® and American Express®, among others. OpeN/2 meets the critical business requirements of CCV and other large-scale processing environments by leveraging an open and distributed architecture to provide a scalable and reliable platform for optimal multi-channel interoperability and extendability to all customer touch points.

    "Our organization has relied upon S2 Systems technology for more than ten years to drive our transaction processing services in The Netherlands," said Thomas Rohland, CCV Divisional Manager. "CCV's move to S2 Systems' OpeN/2 is a logical evolutionary development that will allow us to expand international operations and sustain the same high level of service and availability to our customers. We expect annual transaction volumes to peak at 150 million as a direct result of continued growth and expansion. The reliability of OpeN/2 on Stratus ftServer hardware, coupled with its benchmarked throughput capabilities, made this solution the superior choice for CCV over S2's competitors."

    S2's innovative OpeN/2 platform with the Stratus ftServer fault-tolerant server was the obvious solution choice for CCV because of its proven 99.999% availability. The international operating company has always played a major role in the development and introduction of products and software related to electronic payments and first laid the foundation for electronic payment traffic in Holland; CCV owns 70% of the Dutch POS terminal market. The company's expansion will be driven by the virtually limitless scalability and systems reliability of the S2-Stratus solution.

    "CCV is emblematic of an industry where new processing capabilities at lower costs are driving a technological renaissance at POS, ATMs, fuel terminals and other customer touch points," said Tom Gibbs, director of industry marketing, Solutions Market Development Group, Intel Corporation. "S2 Systems continues to demonstrate why its OpeN/2 Intel-based architecture is an ideal solution for high performance authorization and payment-based transaction processing systems where peak volumes continue to increase rapidly. We're excited that this Intel-based solution is now being replicated worldwide."

    "We are very pleased to be working with CCV to provide an affordable solution that meets their availability and scalability requirements for continuously available transaction processing services," said Carl Boisvert, senior vice president, Stratus Worldwide Sales. "CCV is now well positioned to expand its base of operations throughout Europe with the uninterrupted processing capabilities of S2's OpeN/2 on the Stratus ftServer system at dramatically reduced cost. Additionally Stratus also provides its Business Critical ftService that includes a 100% Availability Program that covers both the platform and Windows 2000 Server operating system."

    According to CCV, at the beginning of the new Millennium the yearly transaction volume in Holland stood at over 2 billion.          About CCV          CCV is an international operating company with partners all over the world. CCV specializes in the field of PIN and Payment devices, transaction processing, supplying and processing of loyalty and payment systems, secured and safe Internet payments (Payment Plaza), smartcards, customer cards, E-commerce, Pin-security, automatic debt collection and accountancy.

    About Stratus Technologies

    Originally founded in 1980, Stratus Technologies International, S.a r.l., designs, sells, and supports fault-tolerant computer servers for operations where uninterrupted processing, business continuity, and reliability are important. Through its 24-7 Technologies Division, Stratus also licenses technology for continuous computing on Intel processor-based platforms to other global manufacturers. Stratus has been named by FORTUNE magazine as one of the 2002 "FORTUNE® 100 Best Companies to Work For." Stratus is a U.S. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. For more information, visit www.stratus.com.

    About S2 Systems

    S2 Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of mission-critical enterprise payment and transaction management solutions for the banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications, utilities and travel & hospitality industries. Today, S2 Systems technology is the best of its class in price and performance, delivering improved reliability and availability to businesses worldwide, with the industry's best ROI. And for nearly 20 years, some of the world's largest organizations have relied on S2 products to drive their high-volume transaction processing systems. S2 Systems is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Johannesburg, Dubai, Riyadh, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and Sydney. For more information about S2 Systems, visit its web site at www.s2systems.com.

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