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Aladdin Joins Cisco AVVID Program
eToken User Authentication Device Meets Cisco AVVID Partner Program Requirements For Interoperability

    Chicago, IL (ots) - Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq: ALDN), a leader in digital Internet security, today announced that it has joined the Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice and Video Integrated Data) Partner Program as a Security and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions member. Through membership in the Cisco AVVID partner program, customers can now deploy Aladdin's Universal Serial Bus (USB)-based eToken user authentication device with Cisco VPN Client v3.5 and Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrators running software version 3.5, providing portable, secure remote access for Cisco VPN customers.

    "Combining eToken with Cisco remote access VPN solutions provides organizations with remote access that maximizes security and is not only cost-effective, it is easy to integrate and simple to use," said Leedor Agam, vice president of eBusiness and eToken at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. "With Aladdin's membership in the Cisco AVVID Partner Program, eToken provides strong two-factor, USB-based authentication to Cisco remote access VPN customers."

    The Cisco AVVID Partner Program sets criteria for interoperability testing by independent third parties and is a co-marketing program enabling leading product and services firms to deploy innovative e-business solutions. The program provides enterprise customers with information regarding Cisco AVVID Partner products and services that an independent testing facility has tested, verified and found to interoperate with a specified version of Cisco networking technology in the SAFE security blueprint. The SAFE security blueprint provides a comprehensive security strategy for Cisco AVVID networks and utilizes the critical security technologies required to mitigate threats throughout an enterprise's e-business infrastructure.

    "Aladdin and Cisco support open, standards-based architectures and share a commitment to interoperable solutions that ensure secure VPN remote access. The Cisco AVVID Partner Program delivers the power of choice to enterprises -- the ability to extend the Cisco end-to-end architecture with our members' world-class security and VPN products and technologies," said Greg Mayfield, manager of market and business development, Cisco Systems. "With Cisco AVVID partner offerings such as eToken, customers can deploy a broad range of secure e-business solutions which foster innovation and drive the rapid adoption of secure business-critical applications."


    eToken, a USB device about the size of a normal house key, is the ultimate device for securing networks and e-Business platforms. It offers a fully portable and cost-effective means to authenticate users and to digitally sign sensitive business transactions.

    Utilizing state of the art technology, eToken PRO offers advanced smart card functionality with a robust onboard cryptographic processor such as 1024-bit RSA, 3xDES and SHA1 algorithms. eToken PRO offers an unmatched level of physical and logical protection with its ITSEC LE4 smart card chip security accreditation. With its onboard 1024-bit RSA algorithm processor, eToken PRO is the ideal solution for PKI-enabled applications. Since all operations, signing and PKI key generation are done on the token itself, sensitive data is kept away from the hostile environment of the PC.

    eToken R2 offers simple yet robust 120bit DESX onboard security functionality as its underlying technology. Both the eToken PRO and the R2 offer enhanced physical features in their newly designed one-piece plastic housings, providing an unmatched tamper-evident and water-resistant container. Support for open, non-proprietary security standards such as Microsoft Cryptography API (CAPI) & PKCS11, makes integration with security applications quick and smooth. eToken's innovative "Enterprise" solution set also offers out of the box "plug and play" connectivity for various security clients. Securing networks and eBusiness applications has never been as easy and intuitive. For more information, please visit

    Aladdin Knowledge Systems

    Aladdin (Nasdaq: ALDN) is a leader in digital security, providing solutions for software commerce and Internet security since 1985. Aladdin serves over 30,000 customers worldwide. Aladdin's products include: the USB-based eToken device for user authentication and e-commerce security; the eSafe line of content security solutions that protect PCs and networks against malicious, inappropriate and non-productive Internet-borne content; HASP and Hardlock, hardware-based software security systems that protect the revenues of developers; and Privilege, a software licensing and distribution platform. For more information, please visit Aladdin's Web site at

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