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BBC Worldwide Launches Doki®
The Revolutionary Flash-Based Language Training Software On

    Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - BBC Worldwide is today launching
Doki®, the revolutionary Flash-based language training software, on
its new consumer e-learning portal,
    Created by BBC Worldwide, the main commercial arm of the BBC, this
new portal service,, will make a select range of
online learning programmes available from third party suppliers,
including Eazyspeak Ltd's flagship language product: Doki® on BBC Worldwide intends to promote the online
service through its cable and satellite television stations BBC Prime
and BBC World reaching 225 million homes worldwide. The courses cover
a wide range of topics and are divided into four categories for easy
navigation - Business (including IT skills), Languages, Interests
(including hobbies and leisure) and Studies (containing many
accredited courses from some of the world's top universities).
    Eazyspeak Ltd. currently distributes beginner and pre-intermediate
Doki® English and Doki® Spanish language learning products with
French, World Spanish and US English coming online later this year.
Under the terms of the agreement Eazyspeak Ltd will manage the actual
logistics. Doki® will be value priced at EUR18, $US 19.99 and
UK£12.99. The product comes with a users' manual, a word list and the
users can access the Doki® web site to be part of the online
language training community. A retail-version of the product on
CD-ROM will be available from January 2003.
    According to Vivienne Ladommatou, Managing Director Eazyspeak Ltd,
"There is a great measure of consumer trust inherent in the BBC name
and brand - it is synonymous with quality. We are delighted to be
associated with the BBC's innovative new online learning portal and
proud Doki® has been selected as one of the few language learning
programmes offered by The BBC's selective editorial
policy on what is included is a quality stamp for us and we look
forward to grow with the portal."
    BBC Spokesperson Partnership Development Manager Mr. Mark Cook,, "We have ambitious plans for and
are confident that, over time, with the development of a series of
partnerships with high calibre learning players, such as Doki®, the
portal will offer people around the world unique access to a
comprehensive learning information service and series of online
courses. Moreover, due to the unrivalled reach of the BBC via its
extensive network of global channels, awareness of will be able to be generated across the world."
    "With Doki® there is no grammar to learn, there are no rules as
such and there's no set course you have to follow" stated Ladommatou
further. "The whole Doki® experience is empowering because users
decide when and where they want to learn. Doki® familiarises you
with a language and provides the basics for everyday conversations.
Designed like a game, it is be fun and compelling, the premise being
that the longer users stay and play the more they will learn."
    The initial Doki® product was created by the UK-based
interactive publishers Eazyspeak Ltd. together with development
partner Worth Media Ltd and leading academics at the University of
Brighton (UK), Doki® is a fun compelling and immersive game-like
learning platform aimed at both institutional and home learning user
groups. Suitable for anyone over the age of 4, the main target
audience for the Doki® products are the 16-25 year olds. Doki® is
completely monolingual and modular software and is built with
scenarios grouped by real life communication challenges found in the
real world (such as introducing yourself, going to the supermarket,
checking into a hotel).
    Doki® can be used as a self-study tool and can compliment a
taught environment with a pathway set by a teacher. Users decide what
they want to learn by choosing places to explore, becoming fully
engaged with the animation and interactivity found in each venue.
This unique approach empowers and even entertains users who then
quickly begin to assimilate the sound, recognize the vocabulary and
understand the structure of a new language, without recourse to
lengthy grammar explanations or exercises.
    Doki® is modular and is built with scenarios grouped by real
life functions such as introducing yourself, going to the
supermarket, checking into a hotel. Doki® is completely
monolingual, teaching exclusively in the target language, providing
the same communication challenges found in the real world. The
tailor-made Doki® software is easily installed from the CD-ROM or
over the Internet. In a couple of clicks the console, or player,
appears on a screen housed with functionality, buttons and icons that
are easily understood. The Doki® Internet site contains a language
matching and pen pal service, plus other community activities for
Doki® learners worldwide to communicate with each other and
interface with others learning to speak their target language.
    Welcome to "The Future of Learning." Come see DOKI® at the
Frankfurt Book Fair October 9 - 14, 2002 on our stand in Hall 4.0, J
    About Doki®
    Doki® is an interactive scenario-based learning platform
suitable for any type of learning application. Privately held
Eazyspeak Ltd was founded in 1999 by three partners with backgrounds
in publishing, television and new media with a common goal to
significantly improve learning products and techniques. The Doki®
platform was created through the combination of the e-learning
expertise of Worth Media, a UK-based new media agency, venture
capital and two year's research & development. Spanish and English
language training as well as an online language learning community
are the first Doki® learning programmes to be launched. Available
online and from selected outlets, the online and offline Doki®
experience is the same and delivers learning for everyone. French,
German, Greek, US English, World Spanish, and Mac-supported versions
will be added to the Doki® portfolio by 2003. Doki® is dedicated
to making lifetime learning accessible for everyone.
    About BBC Worldwide Learning
    BBC Worldwide Learning forms part of Global Marketing and Brand
Development (GMBD), the marketing division of BBC Worldwide, the main
commercial arm of the BBC. GMBD was created to develop key BBC
properties with genuine cross-media potential for development into
global brands across Children's, Music and Learning. GMBD works
closely with the other divisions of BBC Worldwide and with BBC
Television. BBC Worldwide Learning comprises three business groups:
Children's Learning, Lifelong Learning and English Language Teaching
(ELT) and Languages. Digital media, and especially the Internet, is
revolutionising learning, giving people of all ages the opportunity
to learn whatever they wish from learning providers anywhere in the
world. BBC Worldwide Learning will be at the heart of this
revolution, a gateway to and provider of learning opportunities that
can be consumed through all media at school, home and work.
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