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Raiffeisen Schweiz has joined the PayNet network - e-banking at the Raiffeisen banks now with e-bills

    Effective immediately, e-banking clients of Raiffeisen Schweiz can now receive and pay their bills electronically. The third-largest banking group in Switzerland, with more than 400 banks, has joined the PayNet network for electronic bills. Under the "e-bill" menu item, all private customers can register in the e-banking system of their Raiffeisen bank for the free service as well as directly register for e-bills with their billers.

    With the addition of Raiffeisen Schweiz, yet another important milestone has been reached in the development of the PayNet network: PayNet and e-bill are now supported by all banking groups. Overall, 89 Swiss banks - Bank Coop, Credit Suisse, most cantonal banks, Migros Bank, Raiffeisen Schweiz, 63 regional banks and UBS - with a total of more than 2.3 million e-banking clients, have expanded their e-banking applications with the electronic bill function in the past three years. They thereby provide their e-banking clients a convenient option for securely receiving bills electronically via their e-banking systems and paying them with a click of the mouse - completely paper-free and without manually typing data into the e-banking interface.

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    Telekurs PayNet AG

    Telekurs PayNet, a company of the Telekurs Group, develops and operates solutions for banks, companies and private persons in the field of electronic invoicing / archiving (PayNet) and payments (direct debit).

    PayNet is the leading Swiss network for processing VAT-conformant electronic invoices between companies and their private or business customers (

    LSV+ and BDD are Swiss procedures for processing domestic and international direct debits in the Swiss Franc and Euro currencies (


    Raiffeisen is the third-largest banking group in Switzerland and one of Switzerland's leading retail banks. Three million people in Switzerland are Raiffeisen clients. Of these, 1.4 million are members of the cooperative and thus co-owners of their Raiffeisen bank. They value the decisive advantages offered by Raiffeisen: client proximity, sympathy, trustworthiness and exclusive benefits for members of the cooperatives. The Raiffeisen Group consists of 405 Raiffeisen banks, which are structured as cooperatives and have around 1,150 branches, as well as Raiffeisen Schweiz (formerly the Swiss Association of Raiffeisen Banks) and the group companies (Raiffeisen Leasing, Raiffeisen Bürgschaftsgenossenschaft, etc.). The legally autonomous Raiffeisen banks collectively form Raiffeisen Schweiz, which is domiciled in St. Gallen. Raiffeisen is responsible for the strategic management of the entire Raiffeisen Group and for group-wide risk management. It also coordinates the group's activities, creates the framework conditions for the business operations of the local Raiffeisen banks, and provides them with support and advice on all issues.

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