SandCherry Announces Integrated Development Tool for Speech and Web Applications -- AppDev™ VXML

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    Extension to BEA's WebLogic Workshop™ 8.1 Delivers Seamless Development of Speech-Based Interfaces for Web Applications to Reach Phone and Multimodal Users

    SandCherry, Inc., a provider of multi-service broker software for extending applications to phone or mobile devices, introduces AppDev VXML, an integrated voice-application development tool designed for BEA's WebLogic Workshop. Available in August for a list price of only $495 per user, AppDev VXML reduces the time, effort and complexity of building a speech application by reusing the same underlying business logic and data integration implemented for a Web application.

    "We're very happy that SandCherry has selected WebLogic Workshop 8.1 as the foundation for their IVR-based application development platform," said Dave Cotter, director of product management for WebLogic Workshop at BEA. "SandCherry's AppDev VXML adds an exciting new dimension to WebLogic Workshop 8.1, providing a choice of Web, phone, or multimodal development and delivery of applications."

    Combining BEA's Workshop, SandCherry's AppDev VXML and AppTuner tools, and speech components from leading vendors provides a complete standalone development and test environment for Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) 2.0 compliant applications with GRXML grammars. Using SandCherry's SoftPhone component, developers can test applications on a laptop, PC, or server without the headache or expense of installing or configuring telephony hardware to access the application.

    AppDev VXML only adds a new voice-based presentation layer, unlike other solutions that require entirely new business logic and data integration for a speech application. Changes to business logic or data integration only need to be performed once to simultaneously update both Web and speech applications, reducing ongoing application maintenance costs.

    "Implementing a voice interface to Web applications is a key element of enterprise and service provider mobility solutions," said Michael Hegeman, vice president of mobile applications for EDS Solutions Consulting. "Tools such as AppDev VXML that integrate the voice and touch-tone presentation components into Web application development are essential for creating and maintaining these converged solutions."

    AppDev VXML provides a number of advanced features that simplify application development, including:

    - VoiceXML and GRXML tag palettes -- allow users to drag and drop tags into the application and set parameters. These tags are automatically expanded into complete VoiceXML or GRXML source  code.

    - VoiceXML Validator -- validates the order, sequence and syntax of VoiceXML and GRXML source code files, providing easy-to-use  error checking.

    - Standalone Application Testing -- developers can perform localized testing of the application with full audio input and output using SandCherry's SoftPhone when SandCherry's AppTuner tool or SoftServer platform is loaded.

    - Integrated Audio Tool -- allows developers to record and play prompts during application development that can be used for prototyping the application and flow.

    - Dynamic Log Viewer -- provides a dynamic view of SandCherry's AppTuner or SoftServer resources, including VoiceXML browser, ASR, TTS and prompt components during local application  testing.

    "AppDev VXML is another example of SandCherry's commitment to providing cost-effective solutions that take the mystery and complexity out of speech applications," said Dale Hartzell, vice president of marketing at SandCherry. "SandCherry's products now cover the complete application lifecycle, with the AppDev VXML and AppTuner tools for application development and validation, and the AppRun VXML and SoftServer platform for scalable, reliable service deployment."

    About SandCherry

    SandCherry, Inc. ( develops software platforms and products for extending applications to phone, mobile, and multimodal devices using speech and touch-tone. By upgrading existing Web and telecom software technology with superior media management and control software, SandCherry's products empower service providers and enterprises to unleash the combined value of speech recognition software, application servers, and media servers to deliver enhanced services that can increase carrier revenues or reduce enterprise costs. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, the company was founded by telecom and software industry veterans from companies including AT&T, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Telcordia Technologies and Alcatel. For more information about SandCherry, please visit

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