SandCherry Intensifies Focus on Mobility Solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises
Michael Sajor Joins SandCherry as Vice President of Mobility Solutions

    Boulder, CO (ots) - SandCherry, Inc., a provider of multi-service broker software for extending applications to phone or mobile device users, today announced the appointment of Michael Sajor as vice president of Mobility Solutions, a significant boost to the company's overall mobility solutions initiative. Sajor brings to the company considerable experience in the wireless and multimodal industry from companies including Lucent Technologies and most recently, Kirusa. He will be responsible for focusing SandCherry's mobility strategy, developing essential technology and channel partnerships and building key customer relationships for both enterprise and service provider mobility solutions.

    "Companies have invested billions of dollars in applications and infrastructure to deploy Web and data applications, but are still struggling to deliver those applications to mobile users. SandCherry's overarching objective is to simplify delivery of these applications," said Charles Corfield, president and CEO of SandCherry. "The appointment of Michael Sajor is an important next step in the company's commitment to delivering true anytime, anywhere solutions."

    The primary goal for mobility solutions is anywhere, anytime interactive access to applications, information and content over any type of network -- wireless or wireline, broadband or narrowband, 802.11, GPRS or CDMA -- depending on what is available at the time. By allowing service providers and enterprises to extend what they've already built to a more accessible and broader medium such as voice, SandCherry is enabling the real, ubiquitous access required for successful mobile solutions, eliminating the need to implement new standalone systems for speech applications or integrate speech components into every current platform.

    "SandCherry's unique product architecture and distinctive flexibility can accommodate a broad variety of devices, network architectures, and services simultaneously within a single operator or enterprise," notes Sajor. "This inherent differential advantage is absolutely essential to service providers and is one of the key reasons I joined the company."

    SandCherry's flagship product, the SoftServer™ platform, is an applications and media resource broker that provides the ability for applications to access speech and telephony components for phone (voice and touch-tone) and multimodal (data+voice) users. The foundation for cost-effective application deployments, it is a flexible and scalable solution that simplifies the integration, deployment, and management of enhanced and next-generation telecom services.

    Benefits to both Service Providers and Enterprises

    The SoftServer solution's ability to extend applications with speech brings advantages to both service providers and enterprises eager to capitalize on the increased bandwidth offered by GPRS, CDMA 1x, 802.11, 3G and other platforms, but concerned with the spotty availability of high bandwidth for consistent delivery of applications. Benefits for mobile operators and other service providers include:

    - Reduced Costs:  Sharing speech components across multiple,      
existing platforms and applications reduces capital, operating and
integration costs.    

    - Increased Revenues:  With all network devices able to access      
data services using voice only, data+voice, or data-only modes,
revenues can increase through higher minute usage, increased data
revenue, and use of new applications such as voice-based

    Utilizing the SoftServer platform allows enterprises to address
ongoing needs to reduce costs across the organization:              

    - Reduced Costs:  Customer service costs can be reduced through    
increased customer self-service; sharing speech components      
across multiple, existing platforms and applications reduces      
capital, operating and integration costs.    

    - Increased Productivity:  Anywhere, anytime, any device access    
to key applications; real-time updates to mobile workers and      
corporate information systems.    

    - Increased Revenues:  Voice-based or SMS-based notification      
connects subscribers to interactive speech-enabled applications,
potentially driving additional revenue and customer loyalty

    About SandCherry

    SandCherry, Inc. ( develops software platforms that are critical for affordable mass deployment of touch-tone, speech-enabled, multimodal and multimedia enhanced services by upgrading existing Web and telecom software technology with superior media management and control software. As a result, SandCherry's products empower service providers and enterprises to unleash the combined value of speech recognition software, application servers, and media servers to deliver these enhanced services that can increase carrier revenues or reduce enterprise costs. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, the company was founded by telecom and software industry veterans from companies including AT&T, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Telcordia Technologies and Alcatel. For more information about SandCherry please visit

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