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Research Reveals: Service Providers Can Reduce Costs of Email Services - Rockliffe MailSite NS Offers Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

    Campbell, CA (ots) - Rockliffe, Inc., a leading developer of messaging infrastructure software, announced that technology benchmarking specialist Osterman Research found that Rockliffe's MailSite NS had the lowest per year and three-year TCO. Osterman completed an analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for five messaging systems used by Internet service providers to provide email and related services including anti-spam. Osterman analyzed MailSite NS alongside four other messaging systems: Critical Path Messaging Server, Sun ONE Messaging Server, Microsoft Exchange and Openwave Email Mx.

    Osterman identified the following advantages of MailSite NS:      

    - Low, non-recurring mailbox licence fee      
    - Lower administrative maintenance requirements; 5 times less        
        than Microsoft Exchange
    - Fewer points of hardware failure      
    - Less maintenance cost      
    - Increased service reliability

    For an email service based on Microsoft Exchange, recurring and other costs drive the three-year TCO to around $20.5 million, compared with MailSite's $7.4 million. The full research results:

    Michael Osterman, of Osterman Research, said: "In choosing their email infrastructure, ISPs and enterprises need to be much more aware of the real long-term costs of providing email facilities to customers and staff. Our analysis reveals that many organizations simply don't know how much it costs them to run their email system and often underestimate major cost components."

    "We are very pleased with the results of the Osterman study," said Rockliffe's CEO, John Davies. "This is one of the first major comparisons of the real costs of large-scale email systems. MailSite provides impressive cost benefits."

    About Rockliffe

    Rockliffe is the developer of MailSite(TM) -- reliable, full-featured email server software for enterprises and service providers. Since 1995, Rockliffe has sold email servers to 3,000 customers with more than 15 million mailboxes. Customers include Digex, Savvis, Call Sciences, Louisiana Pacific, and Boeing. MailSite provides customers with all the functionality they need, without all the complexity and cost of competing systems. MailSite includes anti-virus and anti- spam tools, as well as webmail and wireless mail.

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