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The biggest personal gift of all is from Orange

New offer with two new price plans and a multimedia option

    Lausanne (ots) - Orange is offering new customers opting for Orange between 17th November and 31st January two new price plans: Orange Personal 30 and Orange Personal 100. The new price plans include 30 or 100 free talk time minutes every month for calls to all Swiss fixed and mobile networks. However, anyone subscribing before the end of January 2004 can benefit from double the advantages until 1st May 2004, in other words Orange is including 60 or 200 free talk time minutes per month for calls to all Swiss fixed and mobile networks.

    We all have very personal, individual needs. Orange has known that for a long time and is therefore offering its customers three simple price plans, each of which can be supplemented according to their needs with options offering various additional services. Orange is convinced of this philosophy and is offering new customers who switch to Orange two special price plans.

    For a monthly fee of CHF 30 (Orange Personal 30) or CHF 45 (Orange Personal 100), new customers will benefit from 30 or 100 inclusive minutes a month for making calls to all Swiss fixed and mobile communications networks. Once the inclusive minutes have been used up, the following talk time minutes will be charged according to the existing Orange Personal price plan: CHF 0.40 per minute for calls to the Orange network or to Swiss fixed networks, CHF 0.60 per minute for calls to other Swiss mobile communications networks.

    For new customers opting for Orange Personal 30 or Orange Personal 100 before 31st January 2004, Orange is offering the biggest gift of all. These customers get double the advantages in that up to 1st May 2004 they will be getting 60 instead of 30 or 200 instead of 100 free talk minutes for calls to all Swiss mobile and fixed networks. However, both price plan offers are limited and can only be taken out between 17th November 2003 and 31st January 2004.

    Free multimedia services until 1st May 2004

    New mobile phones can do much more than "just" phone. Anyone wishing to try out all the facilities on their mobile phone should subscribe to the Orange World™ option before 31st January. The Orange World™ option is the ideal package for taking advantage of all the mobile data services. Up to 1st May 2004, customers opting for this package can send 20 SMS (SMS option included) and 20 MMS (MMS option included) free every month. What's more, they can also enjoy free unlimited use of Orange Mail and surfing on the Orange mobile portal.

    Thanks to the inclusive SMS and MMS options, anyone sending more than the 20 free SMS and MMS, will only pay CHF 0.15 per SMS and, depending on the data volume, only CHF 0.15 per MMS (for up to 1 KB), CHF 0.40 (for up to 30 KB) or CHF 0.80 (for up to 100 KB).

    Anyone activating the Orange World™ option before 31.1.2004, can take advantage of the option cost-free up to 1st May 2004. After this date, they will be charged CHF 9 per month, as with any Orange WorldTM option activated after 31.1.2004.

    The Orange World option is part of the Orange Experience, which enables Orange to cater increasingly to the individual needs of its customers. The Orange World™ option can be taken out with all price plans except Orange Economy.

    Aside from the Orange World™ option, Orange Personal 30 and Orange Personal 100 can also be combined with all the other Orange options. With Orange Travel customers can phone abroad for less, with Everyday 30 mobile calls cost less than on landlines in the evenings and at weekends, with Orange Talk customers can take advantage of low tariffs per additional minute for calls to all networks and much more.

    For more details about Orange Personal 30, Orange Personal 100 and the Orange World™ option and indeed any other options and price plans, please visit the Orange site:

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