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With Orange Recharge you don't need the PrePay cards anymore - New system for recharging PrePay accounts

    Lausanne (ots) - Gone are the days when Orange PrePay customers had to buy a PrePay Card, scratch the surface to reveal the code and call the Recharge Hotline to recharge their PrePay account. Thanks to the new Orange Recharge service, PrePay accounts can in future simply be recharged electronically by going to your favourite retail outlet.

      Now it's even easier and even more convenient to recharge a
PrePay account with Orange Recharge. The new Recharge Cards can be
obtained free from any of over 36 OrangeCenters. So, recharging an
Orange PrePay account couldn't be easier:

    Customers can choose a set recharge amount of CHF 30.- , 50.- or 100.- and pay for the amount with or without cash. The Recharge Card is swiped through an electronic payment terminal and the PrePay account is recharged directly online. Customers receive a printed receipt in return and can immediately start using their mobiles with the new talk time credit.

    As opposed to the previous PrePay Cards, which are discarded after use, the new free Recharge Card can be used time and again.

    Orange PrePay customers using the new method for the first time will receive a PrePay bonus of CHF 5.- .

    Easier and more convenient for customers and partners

    Orange Recharge not only makes it easier for customers to recharge their PrePay accounts, but also facilitates the entire process for Orange sales partners. That way, not only does it dispense with certain administration costs, but it also saves on storage and logistical expenses. Experiences in England show that PrePay customers are happy to benefit from the new system. Today, already over 40% of their PrePay accounts are recharged with just such an electronic system. The Orange Recharge offering will therefore be extended to other partner retail outlets.

    Orange customers today have the choice of various ways of recharging their PrePay accounts, namely by:

    - using Orange Recharge in any of over 36 OrangeCenters

    - buying a PrePay Card, scratching the surface to reveal the code
        and calling the Recharge Number 0800 700 555

    - calling Customer Care and paying the set recharge amount by
        credit card

    - visiting and paying by credit card via the

    - using any of over 650 SBB ticketing machines in Switzerland

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