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Lightning Instrumentation SA: Check & mate to the new virus

A new type of computer virus has appeared that spreads differently compared with earlier viruses. A Swiss firm has come up with the answer.

    Lausanne (ots) - In recent weeks, a new type of virus has been spreading from computer to computer across computer networks and over the Internet., These viruses are dangerous because they do not pass through e-mails, as did previous Internet viruses. They exploit a bug in the Windows operating system, enabling it to replicate extremely rapidly through networks and the Internet, evading standard anti-virus software. An examination of the first two of these viruses, known as "Blaster" and "LovSan", which appeared several days ago, reveals that they attempt to block the Windows update servers which are required to remedy the fault. A new version of the virus, dubbed "Nachi", attempts to load the Microsoft update, but unfortunately it attempts to do so incorrectly.

    Installation of a modern "firewall", such as those made by Lightning, are a recommended complement to the usual anti-virus software.

    The Swiss specialist in network security, Lightning, is launching an information campaign on these latest hazards, and coming up with a business initiative to promote a secure firewall designed and manufactured in  Switzerland and used in over 30 countries, the MultiCom SpeedSurf, which provides a simple means of protection against the latest propagation types of Internet viruses. This hardware firewall, which is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, can be set up without any special configuration or computer knowledge, between an existing computer network and an ADSL or cable modem.

    Further information is available at and . This promotion is valid for one month, at a suggested retail price of 245 Euros (+taxes) instead of the usual 395 Euros.

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    About Lightning Instrumentation SA

    LIGHTNING Instrumentation SA, the leading manufacturer of secured Internet access gateways on an international scale, has built up a presence in over 30 countries. Among its customers are UBS, Swisscom, France Télécom, Wanadoo, the Indian giant Tata, the national education systems of France and of Egypt. The company concentrates primarily on secure Internet-access products, incorporating firewalls, VPN (Virtually Private Network) security and remote-access functions through standard products. LIGHTNING also offers products developments customised to meet special needs.

    The company was founded in 1965; its headquarters are located in Lausanne, Switzerland. LIGHTNING products are available in over 30 countries through local distributors listed on the company web-site:

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