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Quartals- und Halbjahresbilanzen / COMPUTERLINKS continues positive business trend as at 30th September

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COMPUTERLINKS AG increased group turnover in the first nine months of the current year by 20.1% to 145.7 million Euro (same period last year: 121.4 million Euro). Gross margins stood at 18.4% after the first nine months in 2004 (same period last year: 19.9%). EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation) were 8.0 million Euro in the period from 01.01.2004 to 30.09.2004 compared to 7.8 million Euro in the same period last year (+ 2.2%). The profit for the nine month period of the current year was 4.7 million Euro (same period last year: 4.1 million Euro). This corresponds to earnings per share of 0.80 Euro compared to 0.70 Euro in the same period of 2003. The positive cash flow from current operations of 1.4 million Euro in the 3rd quarter of 2004 resulted in cash and cash equivalents of 12.3 million Euro as at 30th September 2004. Against this there are no bank loans or overdrafts.

Group turnover for the 3rd quarter of 2004 rose by 17.3% to 47.7 million Euro (3rd quarter 2003: 40.7 million Euro). EBITDA were 2.6 million Euro in the 3rd quarter of 2004 (3rd quarter of 2003: 2.7 million Euro). The profit for the quarter rose from 1.4 million Euro in the 3rd quarter of 2003 to 1.5 million Euro in the 3rd quarter of 2004.Earnings per share for the 3rd quarter of 2004 were therefore 0.26 Euro compared to 0.23 Euro in the 3rd quarter of 2003.

The gains in the first nine months in 2004 were achieved chiefly in the e-security division (+26%) as well as in the professional services division (+14.5%). There was also an improvement in the e-business division (+0.9%).

Issuer's information/explanatory remarks concerning this ad hoc announcement:

Stephan Link, CEO of COMPUTERLINKS AG commented on the results: "Despite the summer quarter we were able to continue the success of the first half of 2004 after 9 months. We believe that the stronger seasonal demands experienced in previous years in the final quarter should be repeated this year".

At a glance (in million Euro):
                                         01.01.-30.09.04  01.01.-30.09.03  Change in
Turnover                            145.7                  121.4                  +20.1
EBITDA                                8.0                      7.8                      +2.2
EBIT                                  7.3                      6.7                      +9.6
Net income for the period 4.7                      4.1                      +13.5
Earnings per share            0.80                    0.70                    +13.5
                                         3rd quarter 2004 3rd quarter 2003 Change in
Turnover                            47.7                    40.7                    +17.3
EBITDA                                2.6                      2.7                      -4.0
EBIT                                  2.3                      2.3                      +3.0
Net income for the period 1.5                      1.4                      +9.4
Earnings per share            0.26                    0.23                    +9.4

*The percentage change is based on values which have not been rounded off

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