Revolutionary Bio Formula to help you stop smoking

    Gent (ots) - A researcher is introducing a completely new and effective biological formula and after research amongst heavy smokers, claims that approximately 90% of those following a course of treatment lasting less than 2 months have effectively stopped smoking, without any withdrawal symptoms or weight gain to speak of.          Whilst carrying out specialised research into dietary supplements for detoxification of the body, a retired Belgian scientific researcher discovered that daily intake of a biological drink, prepared according to a special formula, caused the craving for tobacco to decrease drastically in the first test participants, up to a point at which they no longer wanted a cigarette.          Further tests and a national, formally constituted trial involving 33 test subjects (male and female), revealed, astoundingly, that after taking the formula for a treatment period of 7 weeks, 90% of the participants had definitely stopped smoking.          The research also showed:          - that there is proof of a progressively decreasing nicotine craving, without actually administering that substance in any form or replacing it with any other addictive substitute.     - that there is no incidence of weight gain as the result of a craving for sweets or a need to eat between meals.     - that psychological withdrawal decreases gradually and in parallel to physical withdrawal and that this considerably reduces the risk of regression.          Because the formula is intended to detoxify the body and the accompanying instructions do not refer to the smoking habits of the consumer, stopping smoking during treatment is, as it were, an unexpected, but additional benefit to the consumer.          The formula consists of a concentrate, made from fruit juice, natural sugars, yeast and natural additives, which should be diluted with mineral water.          The particularly good results of the first tests - in comparison to existing methods - justifies the expectation that this product may be used successfully in the future as part of the individual treatment of smoking addiction.          Due to the advanced age of the inventor and the problematic nature of smoking, potential interest in further international development is to be expected.      ots Original Text Service: Nicotinon Internet:      Contact: Tel. +32 9 229 32 40 Fax: +32 9 229 32 41 E-mail:

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