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Mediatrix announces release of widely interoperable MGCP software stack

    Sherbrooke and Montreal, Quebec (ots-PRNewswire) - Mediatrix Telecom, Inc., a leading provider of Internet Protocol (IP) based Telephony solutions for small and medium size enterprises and Next Generation Carriers, announced today that it has released its features-rich, interoperable, MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) stack for General Availability.

    Mediatrix Telecom, Inc., will be demonstrating the interoperability of its MGCP-based VoIP solutions at the upcoming MGCP Interop Event hosted by the International Softswitch Consortium. This industry-wide technology test event will be held April 22 through 26 at the University of New Hampshire, Interoperability Lab in Durham, NH.

    "By adding the MGCP stack to our IP Telephony product line, Mediatrix remains at the forefront of the implementation of reliable and interoperable signalling protocols for IP communications," said Dr. Marco Genoni, Mediatrix's President and CEO. "Mediatrix is committed to continuing to support open standards which will serve as the underlying technology driver for the development of the new telecom landscape."

    The MGCP Stack joins Mediatrix's SIP Stack in the Company's portfolio of IP Telephony software offerings. Both stacks have been licensed to major OEMs and are included as options in Mediatrix's own line of IP Telephony Adapters. Mediatrix's IP products and solutions, which include IP Access Devices, Gateways, PC Clients and Telephony Servers, have gained industry-wide acceptance because of their higher performance, lower cost, wide interoperability and support of all IP signalling protocols. "Mediatrix's proven IP Telephony technology allows its customers to deploy VoIP in new generation networks today," added Dr. Genoni.

    The Mediatrix MGCP stack is an object oriented ANSI C++ module that implements the required MGCP functionalities of a Media Gateway. Among many key features, the stack supports the NCS profile, is operating system and platform independent and can support any MGCP package. In addition, the stack is modular, scalable and network layer independent.

    About Mediatrix Telecom, Inc.

    Mediatrix, a privately-owned company, is a leading vendor of hardware and software products that facilitate the deployment of Next Generation Networks which support value-added services for carriers and enterprises. Mediatrix's product offering includes IP Communication Servers, IP Telephony devices, Access and Trunking Gateways as well as IP signalling software engines. For more information, visit Mediatrix's website at .

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