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BAX Global wins Airbus, Air France aerospace accounts

Leads Transportation Industry in Aerospace Freight Logistics / 'Carrier to the World's Air Carriers,' BAX Global Wins Five Major Aerospace Contracts in Last 12 Months

    Irvine, California (ots-PRNewswire) - BAX Global, a worldwide transportation and supply-chain management company, has won contracts with two major aerospace companies, Airbus Industrie and Air France.

    The wins solidify BAX Global's dominance in the US$354 billion aerospace sector of the transportation industry. Including the Airbus and Air France wins, BAX has added five new aerospace contracts in the last 12 months. BAX aerospace customers include British Airways, GE Engine Services, Air New Zealand Engineering Services (ANNZES), US Airways, British Aerospace, Rolls Royce and Sikorsky, among others.

    The Airbus contract, which begins June 1, calls for BAX to act as one of the company's in-house forwarders at the Airbus Worldwide Material Service Centre in Hamburg. BAX will handle management of roughly half of the import and export of spare parts, part kits and repair parts for Europe's largest aircraft manufacturer. A custom IT inventory management and online tracking and tracing system is being developed between Airbus and BAX to handle the expected 2,000 and 3,000 shipments per month.

    Airbus has 2,300 aircraft in service used by 180 airlines with more than 200 suppliers and repair centres worldwide. It is estimated Airbus spends $60 million a year on logistics.

    The Air France agreement calls for BAX to manage a substantial part of the airline's aeronautical materials through its facilities at Orly and Roissy, France. The contract calls for a time definite door-to-door delivery schedule for all items imported and exported from parts vendors in Asia, France and the United States.

    BAX Aerospace Leadership

    "These wins solidify BAX's leadership in aerospace within the transportation industry," said Joey L. Carnes, president, BAX Global Inc., in announcing the contract wins at the company's headquarters here. "There is not one major airline or OEM we are not working with in some way. Growth has just exploded for us in this category."

    BAX Global's dominance in the aerospace supply chain management and logistics business started 26 years ago in Seattle, according to Dawn Boulden, Vice President, Global Sales Aerospace for BAX.

    That longevity has paid off. BAX now dominates the market in Europe with such clients as Airbus, British Airways, Air France and Rolls Royce. In North America, BAX's aerospace business is growing rapidly with airlines and OEMs including industry leaders like GE Engines and Sikorsky. The fastest growing geographic markets for BAX's Aerospace group are Australia/New Zealand, Asia and Latin America.

    "International airlines demand international services, that's why Airbus chose BAX," said Boulden. "Because of our global status and experience in the airline and aerospace industry, Airbus has confidence that BAX can become a future-oriented service partner, developing and implementing IT solutions to enhance Airbus' customer service to help make it the best in the industry," she added.

    Trust, willingness, commitment and team spirit are what won the Air France contract, according to Patrick Bellapianta, director, sales and marketing, for BAX's France operations.

    BAX was asked to submit a bid for Air France's services as far back as 1999, but the contract went to a competitor. In February of last year, that winner failed in their attempt to service the account, said Bellapianta. BAX has now been officially chosen to handle the business.

    "This win did not come easy or fast, but our perseverance, performance and team spirit are what eventually won it for us," he said.    One example of BAX's aerospace market leadership is demonstrated with Melbourne-based Ansett Airlines.

    Ansett chose BAX late last year to manage the international transport of aircraft engine spares to and from their maintenance facilities in Melbourne.

    The contract calls for transport and tracking of spares for GE jet engines used on the carrier's Boeing 767, Boeing 737 and A320 aircraft. Refurbishment of GE parts, often sent to GE facilities in Erlanger, Ky., and returned in less than ten days to Melbourne, is critical to keeping the carrier on schedule.

    BAX's largest aerospace program is with British Airways. For BA, BAX manages two spare parts warehouses at its Heathrow facility.

    Dedicated Aerospace Focus

    "We started targeting the aerospace market in a big way in 1999," said Boulden of the group's growth. "Back then it was looked upon as a small space to play in, especially when compared to other large markets like technology.

    But now, the surge of aerospace growth makes it one of BAX's most profitable businesses," she said.

    The focus of BAX's aerospace business development team, according to Boulden, is to design logistics solutions that leverage BAX's global supply chain management business expertise, its global infrastructure, multi-modal capabilities, world-class information technology and customer service.

    "Frankly, nobody does it better in this business then BAX," Boulden said. "We have the strongest team in place around the world, we have dedicated teams on each account and we have 24/7 operations. We see our growth continuing at even a faster pace this year."

    About BAX Global: BAX Global is a $2.1 billion transportation and supply chain management company offering mode neutral logistics management for business-to-business shippers through a global network of over 500 offices in 123 countries. In North America, BAX Global offers time definite, guaranteed and standard delivery to every major North American business community in addition to international distribution and customs compliance worldwide.

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