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Frankfurt Airport in September: Seven Percent More Passengers Than One Year Ago
Even higher growth rate for cargo traffic

    Frankfurt / Germany (ots) - Last month a total of 4.7 million
passengers passed through FRA, the biggest German airport. In
comparison to September 2001, which recorded a drastic worldwide
decline in the passenger count following the terrorist attacks in the
USA, this is a plus of seven percent.
    Significant growth was noticed in almost all traffic regions.
European traffic almost reached the passenger count before September
of last year. Especially, leisure travel is obviously recovering
quickly. A growing number of passengers is recorded for the entire
Mediterranean region with Spain being the only exception.
    132'000 metric tons of airfreight were handled at Frankfurt
Airport in September 2002, a 9.4 percent increase in comparison to
September 2001. In addition, 10'900 metric tons of airmail were
handled in September - 3.9 percent more than in the same month last
year. Aircraft movements also grew last month. In total, Frankfurt
Airport registered 40'000 takeoffs and landings (plus 1.5 percent).
    The cumulated passenger figures of Frankfurt Airport from January
to the end of September 2002 show a minus of only three percent in
comparison to the same period in 2001. Takeoffs and landings were
only 0.8 percent below the corresponding figures of 2001. Airfreight
tonnage is up by 0.3 percent and airmail up by 0.2 percent.
    Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for September 2002
                            September 2002  Change(2)      Jan.-Sept.  Change(2)
                                2002                Sept. 02/         2002         Jan.-Sept.
                                                      Sept. 01                              02/01
    in millions          4.7                 7.0 %              37.0            -3.0 %
    in thousands
    of metric tons  132.0                 9.4 %         1,106.7              0.3 %
    in thousands
    of metric tons  10.9                  3.9 %            102.5              0.2 %
    in thousands      40.0                  1.5 %            344.2            -0.8 %
    in thousands
    of metric
    tons              2,212.1                  0.5 %        18,664.9            -4.3 %
    share of
    and departures
    in percent         73.7                                         79.5
    (1) Excluding military flights
    (2) Rate of change based on unrounded numbers
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