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Management Software in IBM's WebSphere Portal Server

    Cologne, Germany (ots) - With its Fit4Portal Initiative, Pironet NDH has scored yet another outstanding success by integrating its dynamic Content Management software pirobase into IBM's WebSphere Portal Server. At the same time, the new product release has enabled the company to achieve porting to AIX. Customers using IBM's operating system in their server environment can now implement the dynamic Content Management software and integrate it seamlessly into complex portal projects as a Content Management building block.

    The IBM WebSphere Portal Server serves as the platform for developing modern web portals for business-critical application. Via their Internet browser or mobile devices, Users can gain access to a variety of application programs and enterprise-relevant information.

    According to a study conducted by the Cambridge-based market research company Forrester Research, Content Management applications feature pre-eminently within the development plans of portal managers among large companies. Primarily globally operating companies are constructing enterprise portals to support internal processes and streamline communications. The Content Management functions are geared towards boosting productivity and expediting the flow of information.

    "The combination of WebSphere Portal Server and pirobase grants Users personalized access to the information, staff members and applications they require via a single sign-on", explained Michael Jaszczyk, CTO at Pironet NDH. "The company's own Intranet site is designed to support individual staff members in their daily work," explains Christopher Marcus Daerr, Marketing Manager WebSphere at IBM. "And this demands professional management of information and all types of content. Now with pirobase, a further IBM business partner is providing solutions for the WebSphere Portal Server and offering customers expanded opportunities in portal projects".

    IBM and Pironet NDH are now set to harness their marketing and distribution activities with the objective of launching common solutions onto the market.

    About pirobase     With pirobase, Pironet NDH is offering the Content Management software standard for the decentralized maintenance and professional administration of all information and processes in the intranet, extranet and Internet. Pirobase equips companies with a comprehensive editorial and operating platform which at the "user-interface" level is sufficiently user-friendly and intuitive to ensure that all staff are able to work with it smoothly. At the same pirobase provides a future-orientated solution which facilitates the realization of highly dynamic, personalized Enterprise Portals, equipped with all options for launching new, Internet-based business and cooperation models. By virtue of its platform-independent multi-tier architecture and range of connectors pirobase boasts unlimited scalability and a high degree of fail-safety. The seamless integration into Portal Server scenarios renders this software an integral component in EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) applications. By strictly separating the administration of content and layout, the content is always up-to-date and the corporate design is retained. Among the innovations contained in Release pirobase 5 are the client capability, the replication functionality, the layout assistant and the rapid integration into workflow models via XML.

    IBM Software     IBM is the world's largest enterprise for information technology. IBM Software offers a comprehensive range of application programs, middleware and operating systems for the new era of e-business on all computer platforms.

    Background Information on WebSphere Software     With over 35,000 customers worldwide, WebSphere is the most rapidly growing Java Application Server Platform on the market. With the MQSeries as a messaging-based integration infrastructure IBM is the market leader in the Enterprise Application Integration sector. For further information on IBM Software please visit: http://www.ibm.com/de/software, and on IBM at: http://www.ibm.com. IBM press releases and photos are also available in the Internet Pressroom at: http://www.ibm.com/de/pressroom.

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