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pirobase 5 sets new standards for Content Management
Pironet NDH presents new release for the first time at the Systems 2001

    Cologne, Germany (ots) - With pirobase 5, Pironet NDH is introducing a major upgrade of its dynamic content management software. pirobase 5 is characterised by a number of new features, including the rapid customisation of the design, the simple incorporation of in-house workflows via XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and an improved user interface. With the enhanced multi-client ability, ASP operators and large companies can now set up several independent websites on a single server and thus offer their ASP clients or subsidiaries the independent management of separate information systems. A further highlight is the replication function that allows the whole database to be synchronised in pirobase from data sources distributed worldwide. This reduces the network load, ensures a higher availability of the data and lowers the communication costs.

    "The market wants a content management system that can be quickly installed and easily tailored to one's own requirements", says Michael Jaszczyk, CTO of Pironet NDH. "With pirobase 5, customising is child's play. Design administrators can adapt templates to the company's own corporate design without programming knowledge using the new integrated layout assistant. Administrators benefit from the improved usability in the admin center, and authors from the simpler and quicker editing processes in the content management."

    The most important new functions for authors

    pirobase 5 enables an even more efficient and more intuitive operation of the system. The revised user guidance makes work easier for beginners and professionals alike. Functions which authors previously had to call up via the admin center of pirobase are accessible in the new version quickly and directly from the editing mode. For example, categories or user rights to certain pages or objects can be assigned directly from here. Furthermore, authors can now access the content objects in the pirobase database directly via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), edit them in the respective client application and store them back in pirobase from there. These and many more features considerably simplify and accelerate the publishing process.

    The highlights for administrators

    The administrators also benefit from the innovations in pirobase. The new multi-client ability, for example, allows the administrator in a large company to create a clear separation of the system areas for the subsidiaries (clients). Each client manages his own users and groups according to the corporate structure, has a delimited page and category tree, his individual content objects and templates, thus guaranteeing an optimum management of responsibilities even in complex structures. The company also saves costs as several sites are managed on a single server. The multi-client ability is also interesting for commercial ASP operators, particularly in conjunction with the new pirobase module manager. The administrators simply determine at the click of the mouse which functional modules of the system are to be used for which ASP client, thus creating the possibility of modular price models.

    The various new replication and staging processes in version 5 improve the performance and capacity utilisation in content management applications with distributed data storage. Furthermore, the demands of company structures with separate development, test and live server systems can be ideally satisfied

    In order to ensure the fault-free running of content-related processing and release procedures, pirobase 5 is equipped as standard with several typical content management workflow models. In addition, administrators can easily incorporate their own XML-based workflow models using FTP.

    Access to partners' supplementary pirobase "add-ons"

    In addition to pirobase 5, Pironet NDH and its technology partners have developed various add-on function components and services. For example, use of the "high availability add-on" increases the availability of the content management software. On the basis of the new "GIS add-ons", professional geographic information systems (GIS) and electronic town plans and maps can be added to pirobase intranet, extranet and internet platforms. The GIS solutions function as "address checkers" and "geomarketing" add-ons, checking incoming contact data on-the-fly and supplementing this, where necessary, with postal and socio-demographic information and guiding web visitors with location-dependent vicinity search and route planning functions as "location finders" directly to the stationary sales or service departments in the company.

    The major innovations at a glance:     - Multi-Client-Ability / Multi-Site     - Replication & Staging for Multi-Server-Operation     - Integration whith Portal Server     - Layout-Assistent     - FTP-Connector     - Customizable Editorial Workflow     - Quick-Edit-Mode     - Cross-Browser-Check     - "Add-on"-Products und -Services for pirobase

    Pironet NDH can be found at the Systems 2001 in Munich in Hall C1, Stand C1.221, from 15th to 19th October.

    About pirobase

    With pirobase Pironet NDH offers the Content Management software standard for decentralized maintenance and control of all information and processes in the intra-, extra- and Internet. pirobase provides companies with a comprehensive editing and operating platform. On the client side, it is uncomplicated and easy to understand so that all employees adopt it quickly. At the same time, it is a future-oriented solution, which allows the implementation of highly dynamic, personalized Enterprise Portals and offers unending options for internet-based business and alliance models. Thanks to its platform-independent, multi-tier architecture and its wide variety of connectors, pirobase is highly scaleable and offers failure safety. The easy integration into portal server scenarios makes pirobase an important component within EAI solutions. Content and layout are always administrated separately, ensuring that content is always up-to-date and complies with corporate design requirements.

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