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08.03.2021 – 08:30

Medgate AG

Cough diagnosis via app now supports telemedical patient care

Basel (ots)

Innovative digital health solutions are enlarging treatment and diagnostic possibilities in telemedicine. Patients in Switzerland can now have their cough analyzed via an app on their smartphone. The results support doctors in advising and treating their patients. As the first European partner of ResApp, Medgate is integrating the acute respiratory diagnostic test ResAppDx into the Medgate app in a pilot project.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increasing number of people recognizing the benefits of telemedicine. They enter their symptoms into the app, book an appointment for a phone or video consultation, and receive treatment from a doctor at home. Thanks to artificial intelligence and new digital health solutions, telemedicine diagnostics can be further improved and expanded.

Thus, the Medgate app now prompts patients to have their cough analyzed if they have symptoms that indicate a respiratory illness. All they have to do is cough a few times into the standard smartphone microphone. The ResAppDx application, which is now built into the Medgate app, analyzes the coughing sounds using artificial intelligence as well as machine learning algorithms, and transmits the result directly to the Medgate doctors, who take it into account in their diagnosis.

Reliable recognition of respiratory diseases

ResAppDx can reliably assign the cough sounds to different clinical pictures. For example, diseases of the lower respiratory tract, pneumonia, croup, asthma or even COPD are detected. The application may be helpful in the telemedical treatment of Covid-19 patients, as patients with severe lower respiratory tract diseases can be identified and thus treatment or possible hospitalization can be initiated in good time.

"We are absolutely convinced that the use of new technologies will enable an advancement of our Digital Health platform. This will benefit our patients by enabling them to be treated conclusively by phone or video in even more cases," Dr. Andy Fischer, CEO of Medgate, is convinced. ResApp CEO Dr. Tony Keating also confirms: "We are very pleased that we have been able to seamlessly integrate our world-leading technology into Medgate's established telemedicine services. Medgate now has a unique way to diagnose respiratory conditions and treat patients' symptoms in the safety of their own homes."

About Medgate

At Medgate, we're rethinking healthcare to give our patients easy access to affordable, world-class care wherever they are. Thanks to innovative digital health solutions, Medgate brings doctors to where their patients need them. The focus is on the well-being of the patient and the benefit of society. Medgate was founded in 1999 and today employs over 300 people in Switzerland, including 110 doctors, and over 500 people worldwide. Since 2000, Medgate has been operating the largest telemedicine center run by doctors in Europe and thus has an extraordinary amount of experience and knowledge in telemedicine. The Medgate Mini Clinics and the doctors and hosptials of the Medgate Partner Network are available to patients for on-site consultations.

About ResApp

ResApp Health Limited (ASX: RAP) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and a leading digital health company developing smartphone applications for the diagnosis and management of the respiratory disease. ResApp's machine learning algorithms use sound to diagnose and measure the severity of respiratory conditions without the need for additional accessories or hardware. ResApp's regulatory-approved and clinically validated products include ResAppDx, a smartphone-based acute respiratory disease diagnostic test for use in telehealth, emergency department and primary care settings; and SleepCheck, a smartphone application which allows consumers to self-assess their risk of sleep apnoea. Both products are CE Marked in Europe and TGA approved for ARTG listing in Australia. For more information, please visit


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