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2050 Energy Policy - Statement of position by BKW

Bern (ots) - BKW Inc. welcomes the priorities set by the Federal Council in its 2050 energy strategy. However, the energy strategy focuses unilaterally on measures related to electricity. To ensure future energy security in Switzerland, a comprehensive approach is needed that gives equal consideration to all energy sources.

At the end of May 2011 the Federal Council decided on a withdrawal from nuclear power. As a consequence of this decision the government recognised the need to transform Switzerland's energy system between now and 2050. The Federal Council has now launched the public consultation on the first package of measures, covering the first phase of the move to reshape the energy system by 2050. According to the proposal, the main aim of this first package of measures is to exploit Switzerland's existing potential for efficiency and achieve this with the aid of existing or emerging technologies and without the need for additional imports from abroad.

BKW supports the priorities set by the Federal Council in its 2050 energy strategy but believes there is also significant room for improvement. Specifically:

The efficiency targets formulated for energy suppliers by the Federal Council, which focus exclusively on electricity sales, harm the implementation of the energy strategy. A comprehensive approach must be adopted to ensure rational, effective measures.

The long-term goals for renewable energies, hydro power and electricity consumption are highly ambitious. The framework conditions need to be improved if these goals are to be achieved. A simplified procedure for obtaining permits for plants generating electricity from renewable sources would be welcomed.

The feed-in tariff to promote fossil-fired heat-power cogeneration plants impairs the overall efficiency of the energy system.

The fact that the Federal Council imposes no time limits on the operating lives of existing nuclear power plants concurs with BKW's position. BKW also welcomes the move to explicitly factor in the allowability of costs related to the implementation of smart metering systems.


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