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Bern (ots) - BKW Inc. is adjusting its corporate and organisational structure with a view to implementing its new BKW 2030 corporate strategy successfully, so as to capitalise on the business opportunities offered by the 2050 energy strategy. The restructuring reflects a stronger focus on energy efficiency and renewable energies, creates the right conditions for building up new business fields, and enables existing synergies to be fully exploited. The new Group organisation is scheduled to become operational by 1 July 2013.

BKW's current organisational structure was defined at Group level in 2008. Since then the framework and market conditions have undergone significant changes, which BKW has addressed both by expanding and diversifying production and revising its Group strategy. BKW is adopting a new organisational structure in order to further develop and strengthen its position as a leading player in the future energy market. This will allow BKW to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by its vertical integration, and exploit existing synergies and innovative strengths even more effectively. By bringing together similar or related areas of expertise, BKW will strengthen its capabilities in developing new technologies and addressing customer needs. The new Group organisation is scheduled to go into force by 1 July 2013. The Group Executive Board will comprise the divisional heads and six new members.

New Group structure

The Generation Division covers all of BKW's conventional electricity generation business and therefore constitutes one of the company's key revenue streams. This concerns both hydrological and thermal power generation in Switzerland and abroad as well as Mühleberg nuclear power plant. BKW's operations abroad remain of major importance.

BKW's growth areas in the field of new renewable energies, as well as other businesses earmarked for expansion in the energy efficiency and smart energy segments, will be combined under a new Renewables and Efficiency Division. BKW has taken this step in order to underscore the value of these activities. As a result, the businesses which currently come under sol-E Suisse AG will be transferred to the Renewables and Efficiency Division and to the Generation Division.

To further enhance BKW's effectiveness and positioning on the market, a new Market Division will be created with responsibility for all the company's products and services. Thanks to its vertical integration, BKW will be able to offer customers comprehensive energy solutions. Under the new organisational structure, the Networks Division will continue to be responsible for the entire grid business. The division was last reorganised in November 2011 and will therefore undergo only a few changes. Likewise there will be only minor adjustments to steering functions and Group services.

BKW is convinced that the new corporate structure will optimise its alignment to the market and enable systematic exploitation of the opportunities provided by the new energy environment, to the benefit of customers, employees and investors.


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