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ElCom: Examination of transmission grid costs and tariffs, 2009
Legal basis clarified

Bern (ots) - BKW AG (BKW) acknowledges the Swiss Federal Court ruling that the reduction in chargeable costs demanded by the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom) is only partly admissible. The Swiss Federal Court ruling provides greater legal certainty.

On 6 March 2009 ElCom made a decision on 2009 transmission grid costs and tariffs. This decision reduced the tariff basis (chargeable costs) adopted by the various transmission grid owners - including BKW - which led to a reduction in income from grid usage charges in 2009 of CHF 7.6 million. BKW appealed against this decision.

The Swiss Federal Court has now approved the reduction of the cost basis as ruled by ElCom in part only. Based on this judgement, ElCom is now required to recalculate BKW's chargeable grid costs.

It remains to be seen what financial effects this ruling will have for BKW.


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