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BKW AG: 2011 Sustainability Report Positive results in sustainability - despite more challenging conditions

Bern (ots) - In its recently published "2030" strategy, the BKW Group (BKW) once again confirmed its sustainability targets. These can be summed up as corporate agility and responsible interaction with the environment, the economy and the community. Despite difficult operating conditions, BKW is able to record positive results for sustainability in 2011.

The principles of sustainable development have for many years been a corner-stone of BKW's thinking, and it once again confirms this approach in its presentation of the "BKW 2030" strategy. As an infrastructure company, BKW assumes joint responsibility for augmenting the overall environmental, economic and social benefits as part of an on-going process.

2011 was an extremely challenging year for BKW. The company's development was impacted by political, regulatory and economic factors, and by events in Japan and the resulting new energy policy. BKW reacted with "BKW 2030", its new group strategy which focuses on innovative, energy-efficient products, renewable energy production, grid business and the further development of energy services. BKW firmly believes its strategic realignment will enable it to consolidate and strengthen its position as leading energy supplier with a commitment to sustainability.

The 2011 Sustainability Report deals with three topics that were of relevance for BKW and external interest groups in the year under report: Mühleberg nuclear power plant, group-wide cost reduction and human resource measures, and the expertise required to construct small-scale hydro power plants. BKW shows how it approached the various aspects from a sustainability viewpoint and draws particular attention to the various challenges involved.

The report will be published on the BKW website. www.bkw.ch/sustainability-report


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