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BKW AG participation
Groupe E gas-fired combined-cycle power plant, in Cornaux (NE)

Bern (ots) - Groupe E has this morning submitted an application to the municipal au-thorities for approval to construct a power plant at Cornaux (NE). With an output of 420 MW, the planned facility should produce between 2 and 2.5 terawatts of electricity a year, together with between 50 and 100 MW of heat. The site is located in an industrial zone near the gas-fired power plant built in the 1960s.

In June 2006 BKW FMB Energy Ltd. announced its intention to acquire a minority participation in the planned gas-fired combined-cycle power plant as part of its cooperation with Groupe E. In view of the current situation with regard to energy policy, BKW is remaining true to its avowed intention and is thus leaving the door open to make use of this production opportunity, should the need arise. The participation should be in the region of 20 per cent.

// On 21 May 2012 at 10am. in Cornaux, Groupe E will be holding a press conference to mark the submission of its construction application. Further details can be found at: www.groupe-e.ch


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