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Transfer of BKW FMB Energy Ltd. bonds to BKW Inc.

Bern (ots) - As the holding company, BKW Inc. constitutes the BKW Group's window to access the capital markets and, in this capacity, takes over this function from BKW FMB Energy Ltd. In this context the BKW Board of Directors of BKW has decided to transfer the BKW FMB Energy Ltd. bonds to BKW Inc. Going forward the BKW Group will henceforth be primarily financed via BKW Inc.

Effective 30 April 2012, BKW Inc. will take over the four outstanding bonds of BKW FMB Energy Ltd. totalling CHF 1,000 million via a borrower change in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bond. As a result of this transfer of liabilities, the former parent BKW FMB Energy Ltd. holds no more outstanding securities. The bonds will be secured with guarantees of BKW FMB Energy Ltd. according to Article 111 of the Swiss Code of Obligations. All others conditions and obligations relating to the bonds remain unchanged.

At the same time, the existing financing agreements between BKW FMB Energy Ltd. and the banks will be transferred to BKW Inc.

By making this move, BKW Inc. is taking a further important step in the transition to a holding structure.

This press release is issued in German, French, English and Italian. The German version is authoritative.

Legal notice This release is for information purposes only and is not an offer of securities for sale, or the solicitation of an offer to acquire shares of BKW Inc., in any jurisdiction, including the United States.


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