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Sustainability Report 2010
BKW Sustainability Management

Bern (ots) - The BKW Group (BKW) completed another step in the field of sustainability by creating a structured system of sustainability management. This includes setting measurable targets, taking concrete measures and institutionalising the process throughout the organisation.

The principle of sustainable development has long been enshrined in the mission statement and strategy of BKW. In 2010, BKW refined and further developed its sustainability concept. As an infrastructure provider it has since its foundation exercised joint responsibility for the three aspects of sustainability: economy, society and ecology. BKW's core concern is to continue to provide its customers with electricity now and in the future - reliably, cost-effectively, ecologically, and all on a solid economic basis. BKW endeavours to address any conflict of interests that might arise between the three aspects of sustainability, and to increase the overall benefit. With this in mind, it has established fields of action and guidelines that are valid throughout the BKW Group and also form the framework of future sustainability reporting.

The Sustainability Report 2010 documents specific projects and measures that BKW has implemented during the reporting year.

The sustainability Report 2010 is available on the BKW website.

Link: www.bkw-fmb.ch/sustainability-report


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