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Mühleberg Nuclear Power Station (KKM)
Measures to Increase Safety

Bern (ots) - The BKW FMB Energie AG (NKW) is shutting down and withdrawing from the power grid the Mühleberg Nuclear Power Station (KKM) tomorrow, fully five weeks before the start of the scheduled annual inspection in order to implement measures to safeguard the cooling water extraction. After the routine measures have been completed in September BKW plans to reconnect the KKM.

BKW is working with high priority and due diligance to meet the additional safety requirements as required by the Federal Safety Inspectorate (ENSI) in the wake of Fukushima. As planned, they will on 30 June present the required proof of their ability to deal with a one in 10,000 year flood. This is based on the existing cooling water system and operational measures.

New knowledge in the area of extreme flood situatioin scenarios have, however, revealed that in certain exceptional situations a blockage of the inlet structure of the SUSAN emergency building by expected bed loads in the Aare cannot be discounted.

Based on their safety expertise, BKW has therefore decided to introduce and im-plement measures. Principally it is a question of guaranteeing a blockage-free water supply of the SUSAN after the extreme events have occurred. In addition there will be an improvement in the flood safety of the existing pump station. In order to be able to complete these measures before the planned reconnection of the KKM to the grid after the imminent annual inspection, the plant will already be disconnected from the grid on 30 June. Costs for the provision of substitute energy for about CHF.20 million must be anticipated.

BKW's decision is a step in the directin of improving safety at the KKM. After completion of the planned measures and after completion of the annual scheduled inspection BKW plans to reconnect the KKM to the grid.

Due to the previously announced cuts in the grid network operation, the write-offs concerning the project costs for substitute nuclear plants and now the long duration interruption of the KKM production, assessing the BKWbusiness results for 2011 is difficult. The previous forecast cannot therefore be confirmed.

Invitation to the Press Conference BKW invites all interested media representatives to a Press Conference on this topical occasion. The Press Conference will take place today, 29 June 2011 at 11.00 hrs. in the restaurant "Zum Äusseren Stand", Zeughausgasse 17, 3011 Bern. The presentation packwill be activated at 11.00 hrs. on the website BKW FMB Energie AG, www.bkw-fmb.ch.

The expressed expectations and future forecasts are made on asssumptions and are subject to uncertainty. The actual results may differ from the expressed expectations and future forecasts. This text is printed in German, French,English and Italian. The German original ist he determinant version.


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