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BKW FMB Energie ltd/ Federal Council's decision on energy policy: Obstacle to CO2-free electricity supply

Bern (ots) - BKW FMB Energy Ltd (BKW) notes with concern the results of the Federal Council's energy policy review. The decision to opt for a phased but definitive withdrawal from nuclear energy with no replacements for the existing nuclear power plants will make it difficult in future to guarantee a reliable, cost-effective electricity supply that is as carbon-neutral as possible.

While BKW supports the Federal Council in its bid to engage in a broad-based, open discussion to guarantee long-term energy security, such an early decision in favour of a definitive withdrawal from nuclear power would, at least temporarily, increase our country's dependency on electricity imports. BKW will need to find a substitute solution to meet the 40% of customer's' electricity requirements currently covered by Mühleberg nuclear power plant. Yet the most sustainable home-grown variant, based on a high share of renewables, can only be achieved if Mühleberg is not obliged to shut down prematurely. Ultimately, parliament and the Swiss people will decide on the future of our electricity supplies.

BKW launched a review of its corporate strategy directly after the events in Japan. Various options for a replacement for Mühleberg based on different time frames were drawn up and analysed to determine their feasibility and financial viability. BKW's strategy review is predicated on the needs of its customers, the technological options, and the mandate to provide a reliable, cost-effective and ecological supply of electricity. The main focus is on renewable energies, conventional thermal power generation systems (gas-fired power plants) and future advanced technologies, as well various ways in which the required expansion of the electricity grid can be accomplished. In terms of imports, BKW is exploring ways of minimising the negative impact on the climate (CO2 emissions from fossil-fired generating facilities).


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