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Events in Japan
BKW strategy: review launched

Bern (ots) - BKW FMB Energy Ltd (BKW) has launched a review of its corporate strategy in the wake of the events in Japan. The review will cover an analysis of various options and time frames for replacing Mühleberg nuclear power plant, and examine their feasibility and financing options. The most sustainable domestic variant, with a high proportion of renewable energies, can only be achieved if Mühleberg nuclear power plant is not obliged to shutdown prematurely. BKW will therefore make every effort to maintain the current good safety standard of the plant. The results of the strategy review are expected within this year.

BKW is reviewing its corporate strategy in the light of the events in Japan. Despite the fact that the relevant information and findings are not yet complete, initial conclusions can already be drawn. For example, while the issue of replacing existing nuclear power plants is by no means resolved, it is safe to say that a decision has been delayed by several years. BKW's strategy review is predicated on the needs of its customers, current and foreseeable technological options, and the constitutional mandate to provide reliable, cost-effective and ecological electricity supplies. BKW will focus in particular on options involving renewable energies, conventional thermal power generation systems (gas-fired power plants) as well as further developments of forward-looking technologies, and analyse the extent to which the grid needs to be expanded to accommodate the different variants.


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