Banca del Gottardo - Statement from CEO M. J. Netzer

    Lugano (ots) - Ladies and Gentlemen At the time when I joined Banca del Gottardo over seven years ago, the bank was undergoing a change of ownership with the transfer from Sumitomo Bank to Swiss Life. This also marked the beginning of a particularly optimistic phase of vigorous expansion. For reasons which you are all too familiar with, this was followed by a period of market consolidation that affected the entire financial sector. This time was made even more difficult for our bank as a result of the sales process that lasted over two years, costing us much time and energy. The decision of our shareholder in the first half of last year to retain Banca del Gottardo and to transfer it both financially and organisationally to Swiss Life Holding made abundantly clear the strategic importance of Banca del Gottardo for Swiss Life. Despite the difficult environment of recent years, we have managed to regenerate our bank and to stabilise our market position. Thus we have laid a solid foundation upon which our bank can grow and flourish in the future. Against this backdrop came the impetus for preparing Banca del Gottardo's new strategic positioning in accordance with the changed environment.  

    For me personally, this comes as the perfect time to seek out new challenges after such an enriching experience. So I will pass on to others the responsibility for the implementation of the strategy that has been drawn up over the past few months - a strategy which I initiated and which I fully support. As proof of my conviction I will continue to lead Banca del Gottardo until the new CEO is comfortably settled into his new role.

    Looking back on these eventful and satisfying years, I consider it a great privilege to have been at the helm of Banca del Gottardo, steering it through challenging times. We - and here I of course speak for my colleagues on the Executive Board and all bank staff - proactively took the initiative during this time to implement our operational objectives. And we made some great achievements.  

    I wish Rolf Aeberli much success in his new and challenging role. Last, but not least, I would like to thank all the staff at the bank. I am grateful to you for the support and loyalty that you have shown me and the bank over the years, but especially during the difficult selling process. For this I owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great satisfaction and confidence that I say to you that Banca del Gottardo is well-positioned to implement its planned strategies, enter into a new phase and achieve its ambitious goals. This will be possible because of

- our customers' deep loyalty - our reputation in our core markets - and the initial steps that have been implemented within the overall   strategy.

My thanks to you all! M. J. Netzer

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