Kemira Develops New Solutions for Reducing Nitrogen Emissions From Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas

    Helsinki, Finland (ots/PRNewswire) - The Denoxium product family developed by Kemira (HEX: KRA1V) helps to reduce the nitrogen emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines to a level compliant with the European Union's new strict limit values and to do so more efficiently than has been possible to date. The new norms come into effect this year and the next squeeze is due in 2008.

    Denoxium products are undergoing trials at this moment with both automobile and catalyzer manufacturers participating in them. Kemira is currently investing in Denoxium production at the company's Oulu production plant and conducting negotiations regarding the manufacturing and distribution of this product elsewhere in Europe.

    Europe's leading automobile manufacturers have shown great interest in Kemira's DenoxiumTM concept. Tests are being conducted in engine laboratories and on test circuits. Field tests are also being conducted by some Nordic automobile manufacturers this winter.

    Denoxium is a solution of ammonium formate and urea and it has a freezing point of -30oC. The product is safe to use and it is biodegradable.

    So far international development efforts and applications in the field of exhaust gas catalyzers have been focused on solutions in which the reduction of exhaust gas is based on SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and a dilute urea solution. Nitrogen oxides are reduced into harmless nitrogen gas by spraying the urea solution into the vehicle's exhaust gas system. However, this solution has one practical weakness in practical use - it freezes when the temperature drops far enough.

    As its freezing point is fairly high, -11oC, it means that urea is difficult to handle, transport, store and use in cold climates, e.g. in northern Europe. Therefore, costly and fragile heating systems would be needed in diesel engines and in the logistic chains. In addition, the capacity of urea in reducing nitrogen oxides is low, especially at low exhaust gas temperatures. Denoxium works very well even in these conditions, e.g. in city buses and distribution vehicles.

    Denoxium is fully compatible with urea solutions. Consequently, there is no need for modifying car engine settings to match a particular product and both products can be distributed using the same distribution systems. A suitable solution can also be selected to match the season of the year: urea in summer and Denoxium in winter.

    Added efficiency can be obtained by using Kemira's DenoxiumPlus solution, which contains considerably more active ingredient (ammonia) than the basic urea solution. DenoxiumPlus offers more mileage (as much as +50%) than the urea solution, which in practice means an entire service interval without needing to fill up.

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