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VIA NET.WORKS Receives National WiMAX-Licence and Starts Operations in Zurich and Geneva

    Zurich (ots) - VIA NET.WORKS (Switzerland) Ltd., a company of Solution24 AG, receives national WiMAX test licence by the Swiss authorities. VIA NET.WORKS will be carrying out WiMAX pilot operations in Zurich and Geneva.

    The planned area-wide covering of WiMAX will be supported by Chinese companies - VIA NET.WORKS is conducting negotiations with Chinese carriers and investors, in order to acquire WiMAX concessions in other European countries and set up WiMAX networks. VIA NET.WORKS is already the sole European provider with direct IP data connection to China.

    "WiMAX will be leading in wireless IP access with broadband capacity and VIA NET.WORKS will have a major impact on this market", Franz Grüter, chairman & CEO of VIA NET.WORKS explains.

    "Currently test operations are being carried out in Zurich and Geneva. Our plans for the near future are to establish an area-wide covering of WiMAX and offer a range of WiMAX services in the European market", Aldo Britschgi, COO & CTO of VIA NET.WORKS adds. "The wireless products complement our successful Hosted Exchange products, where we already offer Mobile-Office and Mobile-Mail" Aldo Britschgi says.

    "WiMAX merges internet access, telephony as well as information supply and is becoming a "fixed" wireless access for all end-applications such us email, telephony, TV, E-Business, data access, entertainment, etc.", Franz Grüter and Aldo Britschgi explain. Both agree: "The future belongs to the wireless IP world!"

    VIA NET.WORKS has been dealing with the WiMAX technology since beginning of 2004 and therefore possesses a clear headstart. The planned set-up of an area-wide WiMAX network in Switzerland and other European countries will be carried out in cooperation with Chinese investors, engineers and telecommunications providers. By the end of 2006, there will be a country-wide WiMAX network in China.

    The WiMAX radio technology has high potential to break the current telecommunications monopolies and to offer alternatives to the "Last-Mile". Furthermore, WiMAX offers inexpensive wireless broadband access and outshines GPRS and UMTS offers. Alternative carriers like VIA NET.WORKS can now provide services in areas, where they weren't able to bypass the monopolist connections, recovering their expenses.

    VIA NET.WORKS (Switzerland) Ltd. is an internationally targeted full service Internet-Provider for professional LAN and WAN solutions designed for the high demands of its customers. The independent Gigabit IP Network (AS1836) with multiple redundant interworking and sophisticated datacenters fulfils highest standards as much for national as international customers in IP-VPNs, MPLS, WiMAX, Mobile Office, Mobile Mail, Hosted Exchange, VoIP Internet Telephony and Internet Access.

    International Business: Full Service Internet- and IT-Provider - We Connect the World

ots Originaltext: VIA NET.WORKS
Internet: www.presseportal.ch

Franz Grüter
Tel.: +41/41/798'21'21
E-Mail: fgrueter@vianetworks.ch

Aldo Britschgi
Tel.: +41/41/798'21'21
E-Mail: abritschgi@vianetworks.ch
Internet: http://www.swiss-wimax.ch

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