Extensive Study Proves: Visual Communication is Tops in Tomorrow's Mobile World

    A current study conducted by conVISUAL (based in Oberhausen, Germany) and the ISI GmbH (institute for sensory research and innovation consulting in Göttingen, Germany) confirms that 14-25 year olds are highly interested in new and innovative mobile communications services. Communication via SMS (Short Message Service) text messages is very important to this target group when organising leisure time activities.          Oberhausen/Göttingen (ots) - This study, which clearly shows the trends in mobile communication, is the first of its kind. For the first time ever, systematic and scientific research was carried out to establish how exactly young people use mobile communication services. The results of this study demonstrate to companies active in the mobile communications sector just how strong interest in innovative mobile communication services like, for instance, the Mobile Picture Postcard is among 14-25 year olds. This clearly proves what could only be suspected up until now.

    Sending SMS text messages is the most popular way of communicating

    The research results reveal that SMS has strongly established itself as a communication medium. Those surveyed said they send an average of approx. 17 text messages per week. Almost 30 per cent send more than 20 messages per week. 14-19 year olds are the most active SMS users. In this category, the average number of SMS text messages sent per week was 20.3. Only 5 per cent of those surveyed declared they had never used SMS services.

    The study clearly shows that young people want simpler, faster and
more individual communication. Mobile communication service providers
can derive valuable hints from this study to assist them in
developing future services.      Today's youth has extensive experience
with mobile communication services.
More than 50 per cent of those surveyed already have their second
or third mobile phone. 51 per cent of survey participants possessed a
Nokia mobile phone, clearly giving Nokia the largest market share.
According to survey results, it can be concluded that relatively few
of this age group owned WAP-capable devices. Only every fifth
participant possessed a device which offered this function.

    How young people use mobile communication services can be deduced from their preferred brands. Approx. 60 per cent of those surveyed have already sent ring tones, operator logos or picture messages using their mobile phone. In particular, Nokia phone owners make extensive use of the multiple range of pictures and logos that their mobile phones offer. The study indicates that we can expect this type of use to increase considerably in the coming months, given the fact that other manufacturers are also increasingly providing these services.

    The Mobile Picture Postcard feature fulfils the demand for individual services

    According to these research results, the 14-25 year age group is greatly interested in future developments in the mobile communications sector. Almost 80 per cent expressed an interest in new services and devices.

    At the very top of the young people's wish list is individualised and more visually orientated services. The participants were specifically asked about one of conVISUAL's products, the Mobile Picture Postcard.

    The Mobile Picture Postcard is a messaging application which permits users to select, personalise and send greetings cards via their mobile phones or the Internet. In addition to text, this type of greeting card also comprises graphics, animated pictures and sound. It is already possible to employ the Mobile Picture Postcard with every standard device. The greater the capability of the device, the more display options are available for the greeting card. Another benefit: Users can choose between already designed or customised pictures with personal texts.

    Almost 70 per cent of the young people surveyed were very or extremely interested in this product innovation of the Oberhausen-based visual messaging service provider. Approx. one third said they would be prepared to buy in the near future a new mobile phone which fully supports the possibilities offered by the Mobile Picture Postcard.

    With regard to the desired contents of Mobile Picture Postcards, the clear favourite is private pictures followed by categories such as music, fun and jokes, and entertainment. These results substantiate the current, general trend towards increased personalisation of mobile services.     For a detailed account of research results, please contact:          Pictures

    Pictures accompanying this press release are available for download in the picture gallery in the press area on the conVISUAL website.          conVISUAL - The Home of Visual Messaging Services.     conVISUAL is the first Wireless Application Service Provider focused on the realization of Visual Messaging Services. Through an innovative product portfolio conVISUAL creates opportunities for network operators, service providers, ISPs and media companies to expand their businesses by leveraging the extraordinary potential of multimedia messaging services. conVISUAL's Multimedia Message Broker (MMB) is the intelligent platform for the creation, personalization, conversion and distribution of mobile multimedia messages. Using the MMB, conVISUAL operates numerous messaging applications, that are growing concurrently with the emerging multimedia facilities of mobile devices: The MMB supports all of today's common messaging standards, such as SMS, Smart Messaging, Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) and WAP, as well as future GPRS and UMTS technologies such as the Multimedia Messaging Service. Based in Oberhausen in Germany, conVISUAL employs a talented and experienced team, concentrating highest industry excellence including Ericsson, Mannesmann Mobilfunk, Nokia and Theron Business Consulting.      ots Original Text Service: conVisual AG Internet:

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