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02.04.2001 – 15:10

Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf to stage a unique 'Synchronised Launch' of the new Cb1 red and Cb1 blue Golf Balls on May 1
"The fun's built in. you get to let it out"

Carlsbad, California (ots-PRNewswire) -

Callaway Golf (NYSE: ELY)
today announced plans for an unprecedented synchronised launch of the
Company's new CB1(TM) Red and CB1 Blue golf balls at thousands of
golf shops across the country on Tuesday, May 1.  By partnering with
UPS, Callaway Golf is ensuring that its accounts in the U.S. will
have the newest additions to Callaway Golf's growing line of premium
golf balls available to golfers on the same day.
The CB1 launch will be supported by a multimedia advertising and
marketing effort to build demand for the new balls, including new
print advertisements - built around the tagline "The fun's built in.
You get to let it out" - and an online sweepstakes.  Participating
retail accounts will receive special promotional materials to help
draw attention to the CB1 launch, including hats, posters and ad
reprints. will also have a countdown to the CB1
launch, and UPS will help stage the launch by providing on-time
delivery of CB1 shipments to all participating Callaway Golf retail
accounts on May 1.
"We believe this is the first one-day launch of any substantial
quantity in the history of golf products," said Mick McCormick,
Executive Vice President, Global Sales for Callaway Golf.  "We've
seen other retail manufacturers - entertainment and software
companies, for example - use similar strategies to build demand for
new products.  The CB1 balls are great new products, and we intend to
help retailers sell them by creating a buzz in the golfing public."
Both CB1 balls are improvements on a mature technology - two-piece
golf balls.  The CB1 Red ball is designed to maximise distance, while
the CB1 Blue ball optimises spin for greater bite around the greens. 
As with the Company's three-piece "Rule 35(R)" ball, both CB1 balls
conform to USGA rules and are approved for tournament play worldwide.
Using what Callaway Golf learned about golf ball construction and
aerodynamics in creating the three-piece "Rule 35" ball as a
foundation, engineers sought to design a better two-piece ball than
what was already available to consumers.  It turns out the R&D team
succeeded - twice.  The two CB1 balls have distinct performance
attributes that will appeal to different types of golfers.
The CB1 Blue is a ball for golfers with a simple motto: More spin,
more fun.  The two-piece design ensures plenty of distance, but a
proprietary injection-molded ionomer cover helps golfers put plenty
of spin with soft feel on their short-iron and wedge shots.  The
dimple pattern has been calibrated to further enhance ball flight and
backspin on scoring shots.
"Golfers who try the CB1 Blue will discover that it has the
tee-to-green distance you expect from a two-piece ball," said Richard
C. Helmstetter, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief of New
Products for Callaway Golf. "The real surprise is the spin you can
put on this ball with the scoring clubs.  We worked to create an
exclusive ionomer cover that makes it possible to generate much more
spin around the green than golfers are used to getting out of a
two-piece ball.  Yet the cover blend is extremely durable for
cut-proof and scuff-resistance performance."
The CB1 Red, meanwhile, is targeted at all golfers who enjoy
hitting the ball as far as they can yet prefer a softer feel than
other distance balls provide.  The injection-molded ionomer cover is
firmer than the CB1 Blue cover, and has been designed to provide
optimised ball speed at impact.  The unique dimple pattern adds
additional lift at each shot's apex, as well as strong performance in
all weather conditions.  The result is a ball that helps deliver two
things nearly every golfer wants:  More distance, more fun.
Because both CB1 balls feature superior aerodynamics, Callaway
Golf was able to develop softer covers and cores than other two-piece
balls.  The highly resilient polybutadiene cores are blended with
tungsten.  The CB1 balls use a high ratio of tungsten to
polybutadiene to create cores with minimal filler and maximum
polybutadiene.  The result is greater ball speed at impact.
The CB1 balls are manufactured side-by-side with the "Rule 35"
ball at the Callaway Golf Ball Plant in Carlsbad.  While the
construction of the two balls is different, the strong commitment to
quality and performance is the same. Therefore, the CB1 Blue and Red
are constructed of the finest materials and produced using stringent
quality tolerances.
The CB1 Red golf ball will be available in boldly designed
three-ball sleeves and by the dozen.  The distinctive yellow
packaging features eye-grabbing colour-coded lettering: red for CB1
Red and blue for CB1 Blue.  A three-ball sleeve carries a suggested
retail price of US$7.85, and a dozen-ball pack has a suggested retail
price of $31.25.
Callaway Golf Company makes and sells Big Bertha(R) Metal Woods
and Irons, including Big Bertha ERC(TM) II Forged Titanium Drivers,
Big Bertha Hawk Eye(R) VFT(TM) and Big Bertha Hawk Eye VFT Pro Series
Titanium Drivers and Fairway Woods, Big Bertha Steelhead Plus(TM)
Stainless Steel Drivers and Fairway Woods, Hawk Eye Tungsten
Injected(TM) Titanium Irons, Steelhead(TM) X-14(R) and Steelhead X-14
Pro Series Stainless Steel Irons.  Callaway Golf Company also makes
and sells Odyssey(R) Putters, including White Hot(R), TriHot(TM), and
Dual Force(R) Putters.  Callaway Golf Company makes and sells the
Callaway Golf(R) "Rule 35(R)" Firmfeel(TM) and Softfeel(TM) golf
balls, and the CB1(TM) Red and CB1 Blue golf balls.  For more
information about Callaway Golf Company, please visit our Web sites
at ,  and .
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