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Music Buddha to enhance radio and record industries through new business-to-business products that provide unparalleled music research abilities

San Francisco (ots-PRNewswire) -

Song Sonar and Def Clip Nine provide tools that offer extensive  
   capabilities to radio programmers and record industry executives
Music Buddha, the leading source for music research and
recommendations, today announced two significant new products that
expand the company's efforts beyond consumers into
business-to-business initiatives by providing the radio and record
industries with new tools that streamline some of the music
industry's most time-consuming and costly efforts.
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Music Buddha is best known for its initial offering, ( ), the market leader in sound-based, intelligent
music recommendations for consumers. Music Buddha's two new products,
Song Sonar and Def Clip Nine, both available immediately, continue to
build on the company's leadership position in music research and
recommendations, by extending its effective technologies to the music
industry as a whole.
"We're very proud to release these incredible tools to the music
industry," said Music Buddha's President & CEO, John Adams, a
broadcast, technology and entertainment visionary who helped create
Imagine Radio, and who later founded Music Buddha. "We help radio
stations differentiate themselves from the competition by maximising
the power of their play lists and increasing time spent listening. We
also give the recording industry a competitive edge by dramatically
increasing the accuracy of their target marketing efforts, while
reducing the resource and research costs attributed with this
critical decision-making information. Our job is to simply leverage
technology and use it to offer the music industry accurate and timely
information that can make a substantial difference in the success or
failure of a programming or marketing decision."
Song Sonar:  The Solution for Radio Programming Industry
Song Sonar gives radio programmers an edge over the competition,
by providing them with the ability to ensure smooth transitions from
song to song using their station's own library. The product gives
listeners the best possible experience by blending the newest hits
with classic songs that listeners know and love, as songs transition
smoothly from one to the next (fit test). It also allows programmers
the ability to test the compatibility of songs that they are thinking
about adding to their play lists on a track-by-track basis (add
worthy). Furthermore, as their radio stations evolve, Song Sonar
enables programmers to pinpoint a target demographic, thereby
increasing their bottom line (sound shaper). This solution eliminates
the current practice of determining play lists by hosting expensive,
arduous auditorium testing.
Def Clip Nine:  The Solution for the Record Industry
Based on Music Buddha's proprietary criteria, Def Clip Nine
provides the record industry with a comprehensive research product
that gives marketing professionals targeted demographic information
that ensures the greatest impact of promoted music. Of great value to
music producers and record labels' artist and repertoire departments,
this product gives industry decision makers the ability to support
costly business decisions with valuable consumer information.
Different from standard methods of user response data, Music Buddha
offers untainted and unbiased testing results based on the product's
unique methodology. Def Clip Nine offers a revolutionary and relevant
solution to the challenges of music marketing professionals.
About Music Buddha
Music Buddha, Inc. is a San Francisco-based music company
specialising in music research and recommendation products and
services. Founded by a team of award-winning music professionals who
believe that music is a highly personal and subjective experience,
the company provides intelligent and personalised music-related data
analysis to businesses and intelligent, accurately recommended music
selections to consumers. MuBu, ( ), Music
Buddha's premier product, has led the digital music revolution by
offering the first sound-based, music recommendation service that
connects people to the music that they love, based on their
preferences to elements of sound. Music Buddha, Inc. serves all
facets of the music industry:  artists, labels, radio stations,
distributors and consumers by providing recommendation products and
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   Webcast of President & CEO, John Adams, discussing Song Sonar and
Def Clip Nine available on: .
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