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ikr: 20 years of the EEA - The EEA as a model of success for Liechtenstein

Vaduz (ots) - On 1 May 2015, Liechtenstein will look back on 20 years of membership in the European Economic Area (EEA). For this occasion, the Government commissioned a representative survey among Liechtenstein voters for the first time in November 2014. The survey was prepared by the Liechtenstein Institute in cooperation with the EEA Coordination Unit, the Ministry for General Government Affairs and Finance, and the Office for Foreign Affairs. It was evaluated by the Liechtenstein Institute.

The Liechtenstein population considers the country's EEA membership to be very positive. 85% of respondents see the EEA in a positive light. 74% of respondents consider the EEA to be a model of success, and for 81% the EEA is the best option for Liechtenstein's European policy in the coming years. According to Prime Minister Hasler, "Even after 20 years of EEA membership, our citizens are strongly in favour of the EEA. The results of the citizen survey are a clear and impressive confirmation of Liechtenstein's European policy."

Liechtensteiners consider the economic aspects of the EEA to be especially positive. 83% of respondents consider the EEA's influence on Liechtenstein's economic growth to be large, and for nearly 80% of respondents Liechtenstein has gained competitiveness thanks to the EEA. As Prime Minister Hasler says, "Liechtenstein's EEA membership secures access to the EU Internal Market for Liechtenstein companies - while preserving Liechtenstein's close ties to Switzerland - and is therefore of the utmost importance to our business location."

Christian Frommelt, research fellow at the Liechtenstein Institute, expressed his surprise that the EEA is hardly a polarizing issue in Liechtenstein - unlike in many other European countries. According to Christian Frommelt, "The EEA's strong support in the population creates stability and has a positive effect on the functioning of the EEA Agreement."

The results of the survey will be included in the "Report of the Government to Parliament on 20 years of membership of the Principality of Liechtenstein in the European Economic Area (1995 - 2015)", which will be dealt with in Parliament in May 2015. The results of the citizen survey can be downloaded from the website of the Government (http://www.regierung.li) and of the Liechtenstein Institute (http://www.liechtenstein-institut.li/).


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