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Chairman of Condé Nast International expresses his confidence in Bernd Runge - Sister rejects accusations

    Munich (ots) - Chairman of Condé Nast International, Jonathan Newhouse, expressed today his confidence in Bernd Runge (43), Vice President Condé Nast International. He stated that the press articles and files about contacts of Bernd Runge, who is former GDR-citizen, with the GDR secret service, have no relevance to his career at Condé Nast. What maybe happened nearly 20 years ago under complete different domestic- and international political conditions cannot diminish the esteem of Condé Nast for Bernd Runge and his outstanding work for the publishing house since 1997. Jonathan Newhouse said: "I am aware of the reports concerning Bernd Runge and activities in the distant past. I do not attach importance to theses reports. I have complete confidence in Mr. Runge as President of Condé Nast Germany and Condé Nast New markets Europe/Africa. I look forward to working with Mr. Runge for many years to come."

    In the concerned articles the behavior of Bernd Runge in connection with the immigration of his sister to the West Germany in 1988 is moved in a negative light. Bernd Runge's sister explains in this context: "Herewith the impression is given that my brother betrayed me. This is absolutely incorrect. My brother and I have always been aware that in connection with my moving to the Bundesrepublik there will be intensive investigations and ideas from the side of the state security. Together we did all what we could do, to ease my moving and to avoid more difficulties for the family. My brother supported me at that time, we always stood and stand in perfect harmony."

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