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LambdaNet extends its product portfolio in Europe
New billing models and peering connections

    Hanover, Germany (ots) - LambdaNet, the Hanover-based pan-European provider of network-based telecommunications services, is constantly extending its product portfolio. Enhancements slated for introduction in the second half of 2001 include new billing models designed to tailor its LambdaNet Internet Transit product more closely to customers' individual requirements. In addition to a flat rate, volume-based and burstable billing models are now available. LambdaNet has also succeeded in signing new peering partners to further increase the efficiency of its pan-European network. More than 50 peering connections have already been created, with more to be added by yearend.

    To serve customers' needs better, the company has refined its billing model for LambdaNet Internet Transit. MPLS-capable Juniper M20 and M160 routers and the InfoVista Performance Management Tool created the requisite technological foundations. These additions make it possible to collect, analyze and detail network and customer-specific traffic loads in order to offer individually tailored billing models.

    Flat rate: With flat-rate billing, LambdaNet charges a fixed monthly fee that depends on bandwidth. There are no additional charges on top of the basic fee. This model allows customers to reliably calculate their overall costs per month.

    Burstable (95% utilization): The burstable billing model was developed for customers who need maximum Internet transit bandwidth during busy hours and just low bandwidth at other times. LambdaNet constantly monitors the actual bandwidth used and charges accordingly. In addition, the top 5% of the measured bandwidth is not billed.

    Volume: The volume billing model is based on actual use. The sum total of the data volume transferred is calculated at the end of the month. This model suits customers with a generally lower monthly data volume.

    Europe-wide peering with all key Internet exchange points (IXs) LambdaNet has also continued to increase its number of peering points. Since March, LNC has been a full member of AG DE-CIX and has now set up over 50 peerings at the DE-CIX, the leading IX in Germany and the third-largest in Europe.

    In keeping with LambdaNet Communications' pan-European orientation, the company plans to connect with all of Europe's major Internet exchange points (IXs) by yearend:

    * LINX (London, Europe's largest IX)     * AMS-IX (Amsterdam, Europe's second-largest IX)     * PARIX (Paris)     * SFINX (Paris)     * ESPANIX (Madrid)     * CATNIX (Barcelona)     * VIX (Vienna)     * MIX (Milan)

    Says Dr. Dieter Finke, CEO of LambdaNet Communications, "Following interconnection of the IP networks of LNC Germany, LNC France, and LNC Spain, connection with all IXs, and the creation of the relevant peerings, LNC's IP backbone will be one of the largest and highest-quality IP networks in Europe."

    IP-VPN in Q3     In the third quarter, LambdaNet will also be launching IP-VPN, an additional high broadband service. With virtual private networks transparently connecting multiple customer locations over LambdaNet's IP backbone, IP-VPN offers customers reliable data transmission and guaranteed transmission quality. The MPLS-based service affords operational reliability through high quality of service and is scalable to ensure a high degree of flexibility. Here, LambdaNet's focus is on pan-European availability and carrier-grade quality.

    LambdaNet Communications     LambdaNet Communications, a FirstMark Communications Europe company, was formed in April 1999 by a team of experienced telecommunications professionals, and in less than two years advanced to become a leading provider of network-based telecommunications services in Germany. At the same time, the company extended its activities into other European countries, creating full-coverage, high bit rate telecommunications networks in France and Spain which have been operative since early 2001. London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Prague, and Vienna have also been incorporated into the network, and coverage is currently being extended into northern Italy and Switzerland. Connecting a total of 62 cities and with a total length of 22,000 kilometers, LambdaNet's fiber-optic network is one of the most powerful and extensive in Europe. With this network, LambdaNet has created one of Europe's most advanced high-performance IP infrastructures. The company's products and services range from transmission circuits and wavelengths to high bit rate IP services, plus co-location options at all its European locations.

    LambdaNet rounds out its extensive offering for data network operators, Internet service providers, and application service providers with a choice of broadband customer connections based on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology, available both as Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) and Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) services with bandwidths between 256 kbit/s and 6 Mbit/s.

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