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The ten biggest mistakes in crisis PR

The ten biggest mistakes in crisis PR
When it comes to a crisis, a lot of things can go wrong: the chart produced by sda subsidiary news aktuell and Faktenkontor shows which mistakes communication managers should avoid in crisis PR. More information via ots and / Editorial use of this picture is free... mehr

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Zurich (ots) - Saving money on an early-warning system, sticking their heads in the sand and not listening to people's fears - these and other mistakes should definitely be avoided by communication managers when their company gets into a crisis situation. sda subsidiary news aktuell and Faktenkontor have compiled a chart showing the ten greatest deadly sins in crisis PR.

Companies can do a lot of things wrong in crisis management. One of the widespread mistakes is not to carry out any crisis prevention. A professional set of tools that detects potential flashpoints in good time can prevent escalation. Other mistakes in crisis PR include hiding away, lying and ignoring the emotions of the people affected. This type of behaviour achieves precisely the opposite effect: the communication crisis grows more acute. For de-escalation you need the public to be given prompt, transparent and comprehensive information that responds to people's emotions. A new chart produced by news aktuell and Faktenkontor shows the biggest pitfalls in crisis PR.

The ten biggest mistakes in detail:

#1: Skimp on the early warning system 
Crisis prevention costs money, with no measurable returns. It's not 
worth it!  
#2: Bury your head in the sand 
Just lay low and don't think about it. The crisis will fizzle out on 
its own.  
#3: Ignore the emotions 
We're not psychiatrists, after all! We can totally ignore any 
worries, fears and needs people might have.  
#4: Lie, scheme and manipulate 
Truth and clarity don't help in a crisis. Better to re-read your 
#5: Consider yourself infallible 
We don't make mistakes, no matter what's being said now. We don't 
need insight, and we certainly have no need of learning from 
#6: Only tell the truth when you have to 
...and if the truth has to come to light, only do it in little 
#7: Do it yourself 
Only wimps need help. Don't call on allies or external crisis 
#8: Neglect social media 
I'm not on social media, and hardly anyone I know is either. How 
could a crisis turn up there?  
#9: Send in the lawyers first 
The Kill Team from legal will stamp out any crisis with media, 
criminal and trademark law. Especially in social media.   
#10: Be sure to save your own skin 
Obey rules 1 to 9 carefully. If things go wrong anyway, make sure 
someone else gets the blame.  

Based on the book "Thought leaders in crisis communications - 10 recipes for success for (communications) managers" ( by Jörg Forthmann and Roland Heintze, published in May 2015.


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