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Adding value to Investor Relations with Social Media

    Zurich (ots) - As part of corporate communications, the role of social media is continually on the rise. If social media are used in a targeted way and tailored to the specific needs of a company, they can effectively add value to Investor Relations services as further communications channels.

    To what extent is the use of social media relevant, possible, and useful in day-to-day Investor Relations? What do you need to know about these instruments and channels, which resources do you need to employ - and what are the right strategies? The information event "Investor Relations and Social Media - opportunities and limits in day-to-day Investor Relations", hosted jointly by Sensus Investor & Public Relations and news aktuell, examined these questions from different perspectives.

    According to Lars Müller, IR Services product manager at news aktuell, social media activities in the US have become part and parcel of the dialogue with IR target audiences, including current and potential investors, analysts or journalists. This makes sense as nearly all of the relevant tools and channels were developed in the US. Europe, including particularly the German speaking region, is clearly lagging behind these developments. But despite some reservations, IR managers in Switzerland are well advised to examine social media sooner rather than later and to develop a strategy that reflects the particular needs of their company.

    The key question, says Marco Metzler, business editor at NZZ Online, is whether social media add value for journalists. So far, he argues, examples of added value are few and far between and it remains unclear, which role social media will play going forward. For now, the new channels and communications means provide practically unfettered opportunity with hardly any boundaries in sight. Social media are unlikely to replace other channels of communication, but will only act to supplement them with the key being the choice of the right platform for the specific target audience. In his view, the greatest opportunity would be to set up a focused social network that brings together firms and investors.

    Financial analyst at Vontobel Bank, Carla Bänziger, pointed out that the traditional ways of disseminating information to professional investors and analysts remain unchallenged for now. But she expects companies to increasingly turn to social media networks in the future, though the focus will be more on informing customers rather than private investors. She too confirmed the gap with the US: Around half the companies on the S&P index use social media for Investor Relations, while in Switzerland, even SMI firms only occasionally use social media. This provides the opportunity for "early adopters" to position themselves as cutting edge while benefitting from the advantages of social media.

    Peter Kuster, partner at Sensus Investor & Public Relations, was pleased that the event initiated positive impulses: "Presenting social media in all its facets, both good and bad, seems to have inspired many participants to review where their company stands on the issue as quickly as possible. This will enable them to develop the strategy and tools that deliver a return on their investment."

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