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New Orange Signature Phones: The Orange SPV C500 - the smallest Smartphone in the world now in Switzerland

Link to the image: Lausanne (ots) - The Orange SPV C500 delivers the performance of a computer in the handy format of a tiny mobile phone. With this new device, the professional user can now carry the office in his jacket pocket instead of his briefcase. Despite the reduced size of the mobile phone, no compromises have been made in terms of capacity or ease of use. The SPV C500 without subscription costs CHF 499.- and is available at all 37 Orange locations and from Orange Partners Interdiscount, Mobilezone and The Phonehouse. With its new Orange Signature Phones, Orange has developed a raft of mobile phones that offer easy access to additional Orange voice and data services with a single press of a button. Orange works in close collaboration with the manufacturers Motorola, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, Alcatel, HTC, Samsung and Siemens on the planning and development of hardware and software for the Orange Signature Phones. This allows Orange to offer an amazing selection of mobile phones that, in terms of usage intensity and sales figures, have proven to be the most successful Orange mobile phones ever. By way of example, the Treo 600 and SPV E200 in the Orange family generate twice as many sales as the non-Signature Phones. More and more mobile devices using the Microsoft operating system In the second quarter of 2004, according to a study by UK market research firm Canalys, around 5.9 million mobile devices were delivered worldwide. In the area of mobile data communications, the number of devices using a Microsoft operating system has grown markedly compared to other models. Canalys estimates a market share of 22.5% for devices with a Microsoft operating system and the second highest growth rate at 47%. Alexander Stüger, General Manager of Microsoft Switzerland, attributes this success to people's familiarity with Microsoft products, especially business customers: " The creation of a global technology platform comprising Microsoft Server, desktop, mobile operating system and applications guarantees efficient mobile voice and data communication within the company. PDAs or Smartphones with Windows are easy to use, and the user is familiar with their interface. These devices stand out from the rest due to their perfect compatibility and high level of standardisation. This is a key success factor and growth driver particularly in the business sector and explains the fast-growing numbers of mobile devices". The smallest Smartphone in the world The new SPV C500, with the even faster and more stable operating system Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition, is just as valuable to professional users as a work tool and a leisure device. The SPV C500 weighs only 100 grammes and its compact dimensions of 108 x 46 x 16 mm make it the smallest Smartphone in the world. Nevertheless, the SPV C500 offers a colour display with over 65,000 colours and an easy-to-use keypad. Despite being three times smaller than its predecessor, the SPV E200, the tiny SPV C500 is in every way its equal in terms of functionalities. Exclusive Orange services (Orange World, Orange Backup and Download), Orange Help (electronic user's guide), Pocket Outlook, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Video Player are just some of the many features of the SPV C500, in addition to the greatly increased stand-by time of four days and talk-time of five hours. Prices & sales information Selling price of the SPV C500 depending on the Orange price plan chosen: - without new Orange price plan CHF 499.00 - with Exclusive 300, 12-month subscription CHF 129.00 - with Exclusive 300, 24-month subscription CHF 49.00 - with Advanced, 12-month subscription CHF 179.00 - with Advanced, 24-month subscription CHF 99.00 - with Personal 100, 12-month subscription CHF 179.00 - with Personal 100, 24-month subscription CHF 99.00 - with Personal and Personal 30, 12-month subscription CHF 249.00 - with Personal and Personal 30, 24-month subscription CHF 159.00 - with Economy, 12-month subscription CHF 319.00 - with Economy, 24-month subscription CHF 239.00 More details about the Orange SPV C500, as well as other services and services can be found on the web site at: ots Originaltext: Orange Communications SA Internet: Contact: Therese Wenger, Director Media & PR Mobile: +41/78/787'10'16 Tél. +41/21/216'10'16 Fax +41/21/216'10'15 Internet: Orange Communications SA World Trade Center Av. de Gratta-Paille 2 Case postale 455 CH-1000 Lausanne 30 Grey

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