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Sustainable Danish Hottie Joins the World Cup

    Copenhagen, June 30, 2010 (ots/PRNewswire) - The world's most-travelled hot dog stand is in South Africa during the FIFA World Cup 2010 to spread Danish culture and values and to raise money for education of South African bushmen children.

    The Danish hot dog stand, Hottie, has travelled around the world since 2003. Hottie generates its own electricity with pedal power and through the solar panels on the roof. More than 20,000 free hot dogs have been handed out and a number of underfunded aid programmes and neglected children have been helped in process.

    At the World Cup, football matches are organised with local people where passers-by can get a taste of Denmark in the form of a hot dog and a chat about Danish culture, sustainability and the chance to make a difference for others.

    The project for South Africa focuses on training the children of bush people. Bush people are one of the oldest peoples in the world and want to hold on to their traditions as well as join in the modern world. Therefore, the final objective of the collection is education in Cape Town for at least one child and a day care centre in the Kalahari Desert.

    The initiative for the visit to South Africa came from Fanny Posselt working closely with the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps. One thing the local Danish Goodwill Ambassador in South Africa, Laura Lykkeggard Selander, has done is to secure an event platform at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, which is the country's most popular tourist destination.

    Sustainable hot dogs  

    The Goodwill Ambassador project consists of around 80 Danish business  people all over the worlds, who each in their own way promotes Denmark  globally and attract investment, conferences and events to the country.  The "Polle Polsevogn" hot dog stand is a good example of this being able to  be achieved with an increased focus on sustainability, and at the same time  helping some of the poorest people in the world.

    For free broadcast-standard video of Hottie, please visit http://www.thenewsmarket.com/Denmark

      Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps
      Founded in 1996 by Wonderful Copenhagen and Copenhagen Capacity.
      Made up of 75 Danish business leaders in 20 countries.

    The ambassadors use their goodwill and network to promote Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark as an attractive region for foreign investment and tourism to decision-makers from international organisations, companies and government bodies.

    His Royal Highness Prince Joachim is patron for the corps.  

    The corps is supported by Copenhagen Capacity, Wonderful Copenhagen, IAK, Kraks Foundation, Oticon Foundation and the Mr & Mrs Karl Pedersen Industry Foundation.

    For more information please contact Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador in Cape Town Laura Lykkegaard Selander, Phone: +27-836601007 ;  Head of Secretariat, Copenhagen Capacity, Morten King-Grubert,  Phone +45-61-30-45-26

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CONTACT:  For more information please contact Copenhagen
GoodwillAmbassador in Cape Town Laura Lykkegaard Selander, Phone:
+27-836601007 ; Head of Secretariat, Copenhagen Capacity, Morten
King-Grubert, Phone+45-61-30-45-26

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