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Grouft and Stafelter tunnel in Luxembourg takes delivery of extinguishing equipment (with photo)

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Leonding (euro adhoc) - 110 tunnel extinguishing system units for the longest
civil engineering construction in Luxembourg / Major order in the field of
stationary fire protection / Stationary systems with highly efficient
extinguishing technology

Rosenbauer, the world's leading equipper of fire fighters, is equipping the
newly-built Grouft and Stafelter tunnel in Luxembourg with 110 tunnel
extinguishing system units with a value of 2.2 m euros. Both tunnels are on the
Route du Nord (A7) and connect the economic areas in the north of the Grand
Duchy of Luxembourg with the capital city. 
Efficient self-help
Rosenbauer has developed specialized extinguishing systems for immediate
deployment after a fire breaks out in a tunnel. These space-saving systems,
which are located at pull-off bays and in firefighting stations and along the
entire length of the tunnel in recesses with a depth of just 60 cm, are just as
easy to use as traditional hand-held extinguishers. Simply opening a single door
to remove the pistol-grip nozzle activates the extinguishing system.
The extinguishing agent is a water/foam compound mix which is actively foamed
creating compressed air (CAFS). The aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) )
extinguishing agent completely coats the surface of the fuel, thus ensuring the
best possible fire extinguishing performance and burnback resistance. The water
comes from a dedicated water supply in the tunnel, ensuring that there will
always be an adequate supply of extinguishing agent. The extinguishing agent is
delivered through a CAFS hollow jet pipe with a throw range of up to 15 meters -
keeping users at a safe distance from the fire.
The extremely lightweight and dimensionally stable special textile hose gives
any road user the ability to utilize the full hose length of up to 60 m and -
given appropriate deployment of the system over the entire length of the tunnel
- to deploy efficient extinguishing actions at any point in the shaft.
Longest construction in Luxembourg
The Grouft tunnel is located in the north of Luxembourg in the community of
Lorentzweiler and is the longest construction on the "Route du Nord" with a
length of 2,966 m. It connects the capital city Luxembourg with the towns of
Mersch, Colmar-Berg and Ettelbruck in the north of the Grand Duchy, in order to
relieve traffic flows through the City of Luxembourg in this direction and to
better connect the economic regions in the north.
Numerous European tunnels have been equipped with stationary Rosenbauer tunnel
extinguishing systems in recent years, including the Markusbierg and
Gousselerbierg tunnels in Luxembourg, Trojane and Sentvid in Slovenia, and
Tauern, Katschberg, Hiefler, Ofenauer, Roppener, Achrain, Pfänder, Grünburg,
Traunkirchen, Ottsdorf, Semmering, and Hallstatt in Austria.

Wide range of applications
Stationary firefighting systems by Rosenbauer are customized extinguishing
systems that feature highly efficient extinguishing technology for the
protection of persons, premises and buildings. They are deployed wherever legacy
sprinkler and spray water systems do not offer optimum protection, or where
their use would involve substantial consequential damage. Apart from highway
tunnels, Rosenbauer has also equipped airport hangars, painting and recycling
plants, substitute fuel power stations, conveying systems, and offshore
helidecks with the system.

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Rosenbauer International AG
Mag. Gerda Königstorfer
Tel.: 0732/6794-568

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