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20.04.2011 – 08:24

Rosenbauer International AG

EANS-Adhoc: Rosenbauer International AG
Doubling of Group revenues over past six years; Dividend proposal: 50% increase to 1.2 EUR (2009:0.8 EUR) per share; 2011: Consolidation above the average level of the last two years

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annual report


Key data                              |       |2010      |2009      |Change in %
Revenue                               |Mio EUR|595.7     |541.8     |10%       |
EBIT before one-off effects           |Mio EUR|46.2      |43.5      |6%        |
EBIT after one-off effects            |Mio EUR|49.7      |29.4      |69%       |
EBT                                   |Mio EUR|49.1      |26.4      |86%
Net profit for the period             |Mio EUR|40.0      |17.6      |127%      |
Cash flow from operation activities   |Mio EUR|34.8      |17.5      |99%       |
Total assets                          |Mio EUR|301.6     |306.8     |2%        |
Equity in % of total assets           |       |42.9%     |32.5%     |-         |
Investments                           |Mio EUR|8.9       |15.8      |(44%)     |
Earnings per share                    |EUR    |4.7       |1.5       |213%      |
Dividend per share                    |EUR    |1.2 1)    |0.8       |50%       |
Dividend yield                        |In %   |3.2%      |2.8%      |-         |
Employees as at 31.12.                |       |2,046     |1,946     |5%        |
Order intake                          |Mio EUR|496.9     |575.9     |(14%)     |
Order backlog as at 31.12.            |Mio EUR|394.5     |487.2     |(19%)     |
1) Proposal to Annual General Meeting

In 2010, the Rosenbauer Group succeeded in sustaining the growth trajectory of
recent years and in posting new record figures for revenues and income. The
international orientation and worldwide presence so energetically pursued by the
Group, its technological leadership, and growth on the US market were the major
drivers of this success. Group revenues climbed by 10% in 2010 to a record high
of 595.7 Mio EUR EUR  (2009: 541.8 Mio EUR), meaning that Group revenues have
doubled in the past six years. This development was driven largely by the export
sales of Rosenbauer International AG and by the Group´s US businesses.
EBIT in the reporting period rose to a record 49.7 Mio EUR (2009: 29.4 Mio EUR),
equating to an EBIT margin of 8.3% (2009: 5.4%). As in previous years, the
export business of Rosenbauer International AG and the US companies were the
main drivers of earnings.
Rosenbauer pursues a long-termist, shareholder-friendly dividend policy which
assures a reasonable return on the capital employed while addressing the need to
safeguard the company´s growth perspectives. Although market demand had already
started to contract in the sector as a whole, the Rosenbauer Group managed to
achieve another record year in 2010. For this reason, the Executive Board and
Supervisory Board will be proposing a 50% higher dividend of 1.2 EUR (2009:
0.8 EUR) to the Annual General Meeting. Accordingly, the sum for distribution
for 6.8 million non-par-value shares is 8.2 Mio EUR (2009: 5.4 Mio EUR). In
terms of the share´s closing price of 37.5 EUR, this corresponds to a dividend
yield of 3.2% (2009: 0.8%).
The volume of order backlog, and the current project situation, together permits
a good utilization of production capacity during 2011. After the record year
2010, Management expects 2011 revenues and result to bring a consolidation above
he average level of the last two years. 
end of announcement                               euro adhoc


Rosenbauer International AG
Mag. Gerda Königstorfer
Tel.: 0732/6794-568

Branche: Machine Manufacturing
ISIN: AT0000922554
WKN: 892502
Index: WBI, ATX Prime
Börsen: Berlin / free trade
Stuttgart / free trade
Wien / official market

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