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17.11.2006 – 08:10

BWT Aktiengesellschaft

euro adhoc: BWT Aktiengesellschaft
Financial Figures/Balance Sheet
Strong Growth in First Three Quarters

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•          Sales +12.2% to EUR 262.8 million
•          EBIT +20.2% to EUR 25.7 million

With sales growth of 19.0% and a 70.2% year-on-year improvement in EBIT, BWT - Best Water Technology Group - has also continued its growth course in the third quarter. Andreas Weissenbacher, CEO: "Thanks to our strategic re-positioning and healthy market conditions we managed to grow significantly and accelerate our expansion strategy in the Point-of-Use water treatment technology by taking over the "ANNA" water pitcher business."

In the first nine months of 2006, the BWT Group generated consolidated sales of EUR262.8 million and thus exceeded the comparable figure of last year (without the division AST spun-off in November 2005) by 12.2%.

@@start.t2@@Sales (EUR million)        1 - 9/2006         1 - 9/2005         + / - %
Austria/Germany                  109.810                97.323          +12.8%
France/Benelux                      66.535                63.888            +4.1%
Scandinavia                          31.232                26.994          +15.7%
Italy/Spain                          23.549                21.792            +8.1%
Switzerland/Others                31.637                24.282          +30.3%
BWT Group                            262.763              234.279          +12.2%
Aqua Systems Tech. (AST) *)         -              127.621                 -
*) Spun-off on October 31, 2005 and listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange as an
independent company group as "CHRIST WATER TECHNOLOGY"
The growth of 12.8% cumulated or 22.6% in the third quarter in the
Austria/Germany segment is characterized by a strong residential and services
business as well as internationalization. Sales in the France/Benelux segment
increased over the third quarter by 9.3%, cumulated 4.1%. With growth rates of
16.5% in the third quarter and 15.7% on a cumulative basis, the HOH Group, which
is responsible for the Scandinavian market, continued to shine, with key
contributions from HOH Water Technology in Denmark and HOH Birger Christensen in
Norway. The Italian and Spanish subsidiaries of the BWT Group generated growth
of 6.7% in the third quarter and 8.1% in the first nine months. BWT’s activities
in Switzerland, Eastern Europe and outside Europe included in the
Switzerland/Others segment made an above-average contribution to growth,
increasing their sales by 39.5% in the third quarter and 30.3% on a cumulative
basis. Sales in Central and Eastern Europe increased in the first nine months by
53.7% reaching 7.0% of sales.
Fumatech GmbH, included in the Austria/Germany business segment, is a worldwide
leading supplier of special membranes, concentrating primarily on the
development, manufacture and sale of proton exchange membranes for fuel cells,
the energy converter of the 21st century. Sales more than tripled from EUR0.5
million to EUR1.6 million in the first nine months a result of demand for
perfluorinated and hydrocarbon-based membranes for low-temperature fuel cells.
The servicing and spare parts business in the first nine months totaled EUR53.5
million (20.4% of consolidated sales, PY: EUR48.0 million).
In the first nine months of 2006, EBIT (earnings from operating activities) for
the BWT Group increased by 20.2% from EUR21.4 million (without AST) to EUR25.7
million. The EBIT margin was 9.8% of sales. In the third quarter EBIT of EUR7.3
million was generated, a significant increase of 70.2% over the previous year’s
figure of EUR4.3 million (without AST). This pleasing development was primarily
due to Scandinavia where the HOH Group increased EBIT from EUR1.2 million to
EUR4.4 million (14.1% of sales) after three quarters. This earnings improvement.
is a result of the successful reorganization of the HOH Group. The continuing
decline of EBIT in Austria/Germany and France/Benelux despite a good third
quarter was attributable to rising raw material costs, and, in France/Benelux,
moderate sales growth. Italy/Spain reported enduring positive earnings. As a
result of the above-average sales increase, the earnings situation in
Switzerland and Central and Eastern Europe has also improved significantly.
EBIT (EUR million)         1 - 9/2006         1 - 9/2005         + / - %
Austria/Germany                      8.983                 9.021            -0.4%
France / Benelux                    5.232                 5.493            -4.8%
Scandinavia                            4.392                 1.219         +260.3%
Italy/Spain                            3.989                 3.450          +15.6%
Switzerland/Others                 3.084                 2.176          +41.7%
BWT Group                              25.680                21.359          +20.2%
Aqua Systems Tech. (AST) *)         -                 1.452                 -
*) Spun-off on October 31, 2005 and launched on the Vienna Stock Exchange as an
independent company group as  "CHRIST WATER TECHNOLOGY"
Earnings before taxes increased by 17.5% to EUR25.1 million. The consolidated
tax rate amounted to 27.5% (PY: 27.6%), the net profit increased to EUR18.2
million or 6.9% of sales (PY without AST: EUR15.5 million). At EUR1.01, earnings
per share amounted to more than EUR1.0 for the first time after nine months,
14.5% higher than in the first nine months of the previous year (EUR0.88 incl.
Net debt fell significantly compared with year-end 2005 from EUR36.3 million to
EUR22.0 million and thus the gearing to 20.8% (December 31, 2005: 38.9%). The
Group’s equity ratio improved to 40.4% compared to 37.7% at the end of the
previous year.
The spin-off of the customer-specific industrial and municipal water treatment
technology business a year ago and BWT refocusing clearly on water treatment
with serial-produced products at the Point-of-Entry and the Point-of-Use
involves above average growth for BWT. The expansion of the Group’s
market-leading role in Europe and its international presence, particularly in
Eastern Europe and Asia, are further objectives of BWT. Dynamically building and
increasing the awareness of the "BWT" brand in the mass market is on the
management agenda.
In this connection, BWT recently announced the takeover of the water pitcher
business of company "ANNA", which operates internationally. Thus one of the
leading suppliers was obtained in an attractive growth market and the presence
in the point-of-use-segment significantly increased. By reducing chlorine,
organic impurities, heavy metals and nitrates, ANNA filters ensure optimal
enjoyment of water, tea, coffee and cold drinks. Moreover, a new innovative
"water+more" branded filter programme for use in coffee machines will soon be
globally launched.@@end@@

Based on the results obtained in the ongoing fiscal year to date, the Management Board expects to report consolidated Group sales of more than EUR340 million and an annual net profit of more than EUR20 million.

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