Highwave Optical Technologies Announces a 49% Increase in its First Semester Revenues for the Current Fiscal Year

    Lannion, France (ots/PRNewswire) - Highwave Optical Technologies (Nouveau Marché, HGWO), a leading European technology supplier of active fibre based components and subsystems for the telecommunication, industrial and defence markets announced today its revenues for the first semester of 2004/2005, period ended on September 30, 2004.

    Revenues for the second quarter and the first semester of fiscal year 2005

    Revenues for the second quarter of fiscal year 2004/2005 were EUR 1.3 million, a 40% growth compared to the first quarter revenues. As a consequence, the revenues of the first semester of fiscal year 2004/2005 amounts to EUR 2,242 million, which represents a 49% growth compared to the second semester of fiscal year 2003/2004.

      Revenues by Product for the Second Quarter of FY05 (as a % of
total revenues):
                                                                 Q105        Q205
      Optical Amplifiers                                78%         91%
      Components                                              6%          2%
      Special optical fibres                         13%          7%
      Others                                                    3%          0%

    Revenues by Region for the Second Quarter of FY05 (as a % of total revenues):

                                                                 Q105        Q205
      EMEA                                                      65%         94%
      North America                                        14%        0%
      Asia-Pacific                                         21%        6%

    "This third sequential growth in the quarterly revenues demonstrates the increase of our clients' demand as well as the efficiency of our outsourcing process which allows us to respond very quickly to high volume orders.

    The revenues of this quarter were mainly generated through the sale of telecom amplifiers, but, in addition to the uptake in demand for traditional network products, we would observe additional revenues for future semesters coming from high-power "Double Clad" products that Highwave has moved into industrial production.

    These products will include industrial lasers, particularly for Asia, and which are in qualification phase. Besides, our "double clad" technology is at the heart of High speed Broadband Access projects for the internet and CATV, both in Asia and in the USA. Volume roll-out of these products is expected for 2005 and 2006".

    Comments Sylvain Boj, COO.

    This press release may contain forward looking information based on estimates and assumptions by management as well as information available to management. These estimates and assumptions are subject to risks and uncertainties capable of making the actual results of the company differ substantially from the results presented explicitly or implicitly in these forward looking statements. The current release should not be viewed as offering any degree of certainty to such forward looking statements.

    About HighWave Optical Technologies

    Highwave Optical Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of active fibers and subsystems for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) telecom systems, the optical laser fiber industry, fiber optic sensors and defense markets. Since its creation in 1998, the company has appeared in the telecommunications market as one of the leading suppliers of optical amplifiers and components for the largest manufacturers. The company is based in Lannion, France. Since its listing on the market in June 2000, shares of Highwave Optical Technologies have been traded on the Euronext Paris market (HGWO). For more detailed information, please consult our Internet site: www.highwave-tech.com

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Sylvain Boj, Chief Operating Officer, Highwave Optical Technologies,

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