WISeKey Tells Governments at the World Economic Forum in Davos that Sovereignty over their Data Online can be Maintained

    Geneva/Davos (ots) - Cloud Computing Need not be a Problem for Governments - Provided the Right Approach is Taken

    Recent developments have woken many governments up to the reality of Cyberspace and how it is challenging the traditional conception of Sovereignty. "With data being stored virtually anywhere in the world and government employees and citizens using information technology systems that are hosted and operated from anywhere (even outside of their jurisdiction), the expected sovereign rights over that data and those communications is frequently lost" said Juan Avellan, Deputy CEO in charge of Data Sovereignty at WISeKey.

    Many information technology companies are telling governments that secure information technologies are enough to ensure sovereignty over their data. Others are stating that new legislation is needed. All in all, the solutions they propose are partial and unsatisfactory.

    WISeKey, as a World Economic Forum Global Growth company, has been at the forefront of balancing technology, law, policy and geopolitics from its headquarters in Switzerland (and its bases in different regions). WISeKey has developed over the years solutions to the problems of State sovereignty and the challenges brought on by technology.

    "WISeKey´s solutions are not limited to technology or changing laws - WISeKey proposes a comprehensive and multdisciplinary approach based on the existing legal frameworks using technologies that are widely available combined with very clear digital trust frameworks. WISeKey´s approach elegantly integrates into current law, international diplomatic protocols with an institutional framework that provides governments with a practical and reliable long-term solution", said Carlos Moreira Founder CEO WISeKey.

    WISeKey is making available its solutions and experts to governments globally who wish to solve these problems. Please visit our data sovereignty website at:


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