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25.08.2015 – 07:00

BKW Energie AG

BKW is focusing on renewable energies/New electricity products for BKW customers

Bern (ots)

In 2016 BKW will start supplying its customers with 100% renewable electricity as standard. This will strengthen its domestic hydropower and other renewable energy sources. Despite this, basic energy prices remain at the same level as before. However, because the regulator has recognised the enhanced value of the BKW distribution network and because of increased Swissgrid transmission costs, grid tariffs are going to go up. There has also been a slight increase in government levies (KEV). Overall, this means an average increase of 9% in the electricity price to the customer.

Into the energy future with hydropower

BKW is continuing to roll out its corporate strategy and is now also bolstering renewable energies in the end consumer sector. From the start of next year, it will therefore supply its customers with electricity that comes predominantly from Swiss hydropower plants. With its Energy Blue product, BKW's customers will, for the first time, receive as standard a basic supply from 100% renewable energy. In this way, BKW will be providing its customers with a higher-quality energy product, certified as completely naturemade basic, for the same price as in 2015. Customers also have the option of choosing a green electricity product with the highest level of certification in the form of Energy Green (+2.7 cents/kWh*), or a product that is primarily nuclear-generated, i.e. Energy Grey (-1.1 cents/kWh*). By supplying its customers with hydroelectricity as default option, BKW is underscoring its strategy of building up renewable energies and, together with 1 million people, is taking an active part in shaping the energy future.

Grid tariffs are going up

Well over a year ago, following a Swiss Federal Supreme Court ruling, the regulatory body EICom recognised the enhanced value and therefore also the higher costs of the BKW distribution network (see Press release of 20 August 2014). This is one reason why grid tariffs are going up next year. It will ensure that BKW will be able to continue investing around CHF 100 million a year in the renovation and expansion of its distribution network, in order to guarantee greater security of supply on an ongoing basis. On top of that, the national grid operator Swissgrid is charging higher tariffs for use of the transmission grid, and the government compensatory feed-in remuneration (KEV) is going up by 0.2 cents to 1.3 cents/kWh. Altogether, this constitutes an increase in electricity prices to the customer of 9% on average. For households in a four-room apartment with an electric cooker and immersion heater, and an annual consumption of 4,500 kWh, that means an increase of around 7 francs per month. Households in a four-room apartment with an electric cooker and an annual consumption of 2,500 kWh must expect to pay just under 5 francs per month extra.

All BKW customers will receive written notification of the new electricity products and prices by the end of August. You can find out more about BKW's new products at www.bkw.ch/blue and www.bkw.ch/markt.


Tobias Fässler
+41 58 477 51 07

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