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Regulatory environment and market conditions
BKW: First workforce measures affect Networks Division

Bern (ots) - With a view to further developing its market position and as part of the economising programme already announced, BKW FMB Energy Ltd. (BKW) has taken measures to reduce the workforce in the Networks Division. The move was prompted in particular by the changed regulatory environment and increased pressure on costs. In mid-April 2011, the Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom) decided on a substantial reduction in permissible revenues from the distribution grid. Around 55 employees are affected by the job cuts.

The general market trend, changed regulatory environment and political decisions on the use of nuclear power in Switzerland have prompted BKW to conduct a comprehensive review of its corporate strategy and launch a Group-wide productivity and economising programme. The aim of this programme is to ensure an economically sound future for the entire Group, even under difficult conditions, and in the medium term to achieve a 15% reduction in controllable costs. In addition to cost-efficiency measures, workforce reduction measures are also planned. The first decision in this context affects the Networks Division.

The job cuts are accompanied by a wide-ranging productivity initiative as well as measures to adjust the existing organisation and business processes in this division. The workforce will be reduced through natural fluctuation as well as redundancies. Employees who are made redundant will be supported by BKW in finding a new position and, if applicable, retraining. BKW remains committed to continuing to ensure the best possible security of supply for its customers.


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