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02.07.2010 – 06:50

BKW Energie AG

BKW Prices
Moderate price adjustments for 2011

    Bern (ots)

Effective 1 October 2010, BKW FMB Energy Ltd (BKW) is increasing its energy supply prices by an average of 6%. Last year, in view of the difficult economic situation, BKW decided not to increase electricity prices as necessity demanded. Now, however, due to increases in various costs, the adjustments can no longer be postponed. For BKW customers, the price adjustments vary depending on the customer group. For the majority of households with a low consumption volume, electricity costs will not rise.

    Last year BKW forecast that a price increase would be unavoidable for 2011. Increases in various investment and maintenance costs have necessitated a price adjustment of 6% on average. The effect for different customer groups varies depending on their consumption habits. The majority of households with low consumption volumes will not experience a rise in electricity costs. BKW's price policy is based on the legal requirements set down in the Electricity Supply Act and are calculated on the basis of production costs. The adjustments remain well within the legally permissible boundaries. It is BKW's declared aim to continue guaranteeing the energy security that exists today. With this in mind, it is consistently investing in the repair and expansion of production and grid assets. BKW remains committed to a reliable, ecological and efficient supply of energy even in the liberalised electricity market.

    BKW customers will be informed in writing about the price adjustments over the next few weeks. The new grid usage and energy prices, valid from 1 October, will be posted on the BKW website at www.bkw-fmb.ch/markt from 5 July 2010. The current prices are posted on www.1to1energy.ch. Customers can use the electricity cost calculator at www.bkw-fmb.ch/markt to calculate their own electricity costs.

    The new rate for the legal tax for the promotion of new renewable energies will be defined by the Federal Office for Energy in autumn and come into force on 1 January 2011. Until then, the current rate of 0.45 cents per kWh will be charged. The new VAT rate of 8% (currently 7.6%) will also be applied from 1 January 2011.

Contact: Antonio Sommavilla antonio.sommavilla@bkw-fmb.ch 031 330 51 07

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