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MIRCERA Abstracts Ranked Among the Best at Upcoming European Nephrology Congress

    Basel, Switzerland (ots/PRNewswire) - Eight presentations regarding Roche's new anti-anaemia drug MIRCERA(R) currently awaiting approval worldwide, will feature strongly at the upcoming European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA) Congress in Barcelona Spain, June 21st to 24th 2007. Three MIRCERA abstracts have received the accolade of being among the top eight best abstracts (out of 1191) accepted by the congress this year.

    In addition, Roche's current anaemia treatment NeoRecormon(R) has 3 poster presentations of data from its ongoing GAIN, IRIDIEM and ORAMA studies.

    Details of the MIRCERA and NeoRecormon results will be available concurrent with when they are presented at the congress. Please note all information presented at the annual meeting is embargoed for media release until one hour after the time of presentation.

@@start.t1@@      Summary of presentations
      Author                 Abstract Title                        Presentation    Date & Time
                                                                                    Type              of
      Mann et al.         C.E.R.A. provides stable            Oral              09:00 -
                                 haemoglobin (Hb) levels in CKD                        10:30
      (Awarded best      patients on dialysis with and
      abstract)            without coronary artery disease                      Sunday,
                                 (CAD) or diabetes mellitus (DM)                      24
                                 when administered once monthly
      Ryckelynck et      Once-monthly C.E.R.A. maintains Oral              09:00 -
      al.                      stable haemoglobin                                          10:30
                                 concentrations in dialysis
      (Awarded best      patients regardless of gender                         Sunday,
      abstract)            or age                                                              24
      Walker et al.      C.E.R.A. corrects anaemia and    Oral              09:00 -
                                 maintains stable haemoglobin                          10:30
      (Awarded best      (Hb) levels at extended
      abstract)            administration intervals in a                         Sunday,
                                 52-week study of patients with                        24
                                 chronic kidney disease (CKD)
                                 not on dialysis
      Imbasciati et      Stable haemoglobin (Hb) levels  Oral              09:00 -
      al.                      are maintained with                                         10:30
                                 once-monthly C.E.R.A. in
                                 dialysis patients with varying                        Sunday,
                                 C-reactive protein (CRP),                                24
                                 albumin or dialysis adequacy
      Chanu et al.        Pharmacokinetic parameters of    Poster
                                 C.E.R.A. are not affected by
                                 age in patients with chronic                          10.30 to
                                 kidney disease on dialysis                              12.00 hrs
                                                                                                         June 23
      Chanu et al.        Pharmacokinetics of C.E.R.A.      Poster          10.30 to
                                 and stable maintenance of                                12.00 hrs
                                 haemoglobin (Hb) levels with
                                 once-monthly dosing in                                    Saturday,
                                 patients with chronic kidney                          June 23
                                 disease (CKD)
      Locatelli et al. The effect of iron status on      Poster          10.30 to
                                 haemoglobin (Hb) stability in                         12.00 hrs
                                 patients with chronic kidney
                                 disease (CKD) treated with                              Saturday,
                                 once-monthly C.E.R.A.                                      June 23
      Saueressig et      Staff time and costs for            Poster          10.30 to
      al.                      anaemia management with                                  12.00 hrs
                                 erythropoietic stimulating
                                 agents in patients on                                      Saturday,
                                 haemodialysis                                                  June 23
      Wanner et al.      The IRIDIEM survey: CVD              Poster          10.30 to
                                 parameters in patients with                            12.00 hrs
                                 chronic kidney disease and type
                                 2 diabetes are consistently                            Friday,
                                 under target                                                    22
      Locatelli et al. Do guideline-based computer        Poster          10.30 to
                                 prompts improve clinical                                 12.00 hrs
                                 practice in dialysis patients?
                                 - preliminary results of ORAMA                        Saturday,
                                 study                                                                June 23
      Rath et al.         Hb management in GAIN: dose        Poster          10.30 to
                                 saving and administration                                12.00 hrs
                                 frequency - final results
                                                                                                         June 23@@end@@

    Interested journalists may view the meeting schedule online at

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